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  1. Preload is aka
  2. ACC/AHA stage C examples
  3. Volume overload etiologies
  4. Hormone released from ventricles in response to ventricular stretch
  5. ACC/AHA stage C
  1. a mitral regurgitation, aortic regurgitation, anemia, hyperthyroidism
  2. b Patients who have current or prior symptoms of heart failure with underlying structural disease
  3. c BNP
  4. d left-ventricular end-diastolic volume
  5. e symptoms due to L VSD

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  1. impaired relaxation, impaired filling
  2. left ventricular end-diastolic
  3. hypertension with LVH, IHD, constrictive pericarditis, pericardial tamponade
  4. preload, contractility, afterload
  5. Patients who have developed structural heart disease but never shows any signs or sx of HF

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  1. Loss of contractility etiologiesmyocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, SLE


  2. If symptoms are a product of fluid accumulating in the peripheral tissues which side is the failure on?left sided failure


  3. Right ventricular dysfunction symptomsabdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, bloating, constipation, ascites


  4. NYHA functional class IIIable to walk one flight of stairs or one block without fatigue


  5. Diastolic dysfunction complicationsarrhythmias


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