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  1. place of articulation changes
  2. age of mastery
  3. phonological processes
  4. phonetically-consistent form
  5. underextension
  1. a idocyncratic word like productions that children use constantly and meaningfully but do not approximate adult forms
  2. b replace a sound that is produced at one location in the mouth with a sound that is produced at a different location int he mouth
  3. c semantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech
  4. d majority of children produce a sound in an adult-like manner
  5. e use words to refer to only a subset of possible referents

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  1. children use words in an overly general matter
  2. limiting the basis for extension to words that are taxonomically (categorically) similar
  3. determine a child's initial and continuing eligability for services of the child's status under IDEA; includes determination of the child's status across developmental areas
  4. average length, in morphemes, of children's utterances
  5. replace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner

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  1. principle of object scopewords map to a whole object


  2. personal interactional functionstelling stories to make believe and pretend


  3. fast mappinglearn novel words with just a few incidental exposures


  4. themeentity that's undergoing the action


  5. sourcewhen yje verb be or any of its derivatives serve as the main veb in a sentence


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