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  1. instrumental functions
  2. imaginative functions
  3. principle of object scope
  4. deictic gestures
  5. heuristic functions
  1. a pointing gestures
  2. b words map to a whole object
  3. c requesting information of others to learn about the world
  4. d telling stories to make believe and pretend
  5. e sastify their needs/wants

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  1. give information to others
  2. starting point for the movement/action
  3. control other's behavior
  4. when yje verb be or any of its derivatives serve as the main veb in a sentence
  5. ending point for the movement/action

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  1. locationplace where an action/movement occurs


  2. phonetically-consistent formsemantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech


  3. assimilationplace where an action/movement occurs


  4. place of articulation changesreplace a sound that is produced at one location in the mouth with a sound that is produced at a different location int he mouth


  5. principle of extendabilityadopt the terms that people in their language community understand


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