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Chapter 6 Vocabulary Test

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  1. theme
  2. heuristic functions
  3. fast mapping
  4. grammatical morphemes
  5. assessment
  1. a inflections added to words to indicate aspects of grammar
  2. b learn novel words with just a few incidental exposures
  3. c ongoing procedures used to identify a child's needs, family concerns, and resources
  4. d requesting information of others to learn about the world
  5. e entity that's undergoing the action

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  1. control other's behavior
  2. words map to a whole object
  3. change one sound in a syllable so that it takes on the characteristics of another sound in that same syllable
  4. sastify their needs/wants
  5. precise referent and stable meaning across different contexts

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  1. locationplace where an action/movement occurs


  2. deictic gesturespointing gestures


  3. overextensionuse words to refer to only a subset of possible referents


  4. manner of articulation changesreplace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner


  5. principle of referencewords map to a whole object


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