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  1. manner of articulation changes
  2. assessment
  3. principle of object scope
  4. place of articulation changes
  5. deictic gestures
  1. a words map to a whole object
  2. b ongoing procedures used to identify a child's needs, family concerns, and resources
  3. c pointing gestures
  4. d replace a sound that is produced at one location in the mouth with a sound that is produced at a different location int he mouth
  5. e replace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner

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  1. children omit key grammatical markers
  2. limiting the basis for extension to words that are taxonomically (categorically) similar
  3. control other's behavior
  4. when the verb be or its derivative serve as a helping verb in a sentence
  5. average length, in morphemes, of children's utterances

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  1. sourceending point for the movement/action


  2. instrumental functionssastify their needs/wants


  3. principle of conventionalitylabel categories of objects, and not just the original exemplar


  4. phonetically-consistent formsemantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech


  5. overextensionchildren use words in an overly general matter


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