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  1. assessment
  2. phonetically-consistent form
  3. heuristic functions
  4. principle of extendability
  5. informative functions
  1. a give information to others
  2. b ongoing procedures used to identify a child's needs, family concerns, and resources
  3. c idocyncratic word like productions that children use constantly and meaningfully but do not approximate adult forms
  4. d requesting information of others to learn about the world
  5. e label categories of objects, and not just the original exemplar

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  1. changes to syllables in words
  2. adopt the terms that people in their language community understand
  3. semantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech
  4. mapping problem; the uncertainty surrounding mapping a word to its referent in the face of seemingly endless interpertations
  5. extent to which the data resulting from these tools can be extended to multiple contexts, including the child's home and day surroundings

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  1. personal interactional functionsshare information about themselves and their feelings with others


  2. locationplace where an action/movement occurs


  3. deictic gesturespointing gestures


  4. customary age of productiongive information to others


  5. themeentity that's undergoing the action


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