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Chapter 6 Vocabulary Test

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  1. principle of object scope
  2. agent
  3. source
  4. fast mapping
  5. informative functions
  1. a learn novel words with just a few incidental exposures
  2. b words map to a whole object
  3. c give information to others
  4. d entity that preforms the action
  5. e starting point for the movement/action

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  1. use words to refer to only a subset of possible referents
  2. changes to syllables in words
  3. limiting the basis for extension to words that are taxonomically (categorically) similar
  4. determine a child's initial and continuing eligability for services of the child's status under IDEA; includes determination of the child's status across developmental areas
  5. semantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech

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  1. quinean conundrumplace where an action/movement occurs


  2. principle of referencesymbolize objects, actions, events, and concepts


  3. mirror neuronsstarting point for the movement/action


  4. grammatical morphemesinflections added to words to indicate aspects of grammar


  5. themeentity that's undergoing the action


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