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  1. auxiliary
  2. principle of extendability
  3. underextension
  4. syllable structure changes
  5. referential gestures
  1. a precise referent and stable meaning across different contexts
  2. b label categories of objects, and not just the original exemplar
  3. c when the verb be or its derivative serve as a helping verb in a sentence
  4. d use words to refer to only a subset of possible referents
  5. e changes to syllables in words

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  1. place where an action/movement occurs
  2. adopt the terms that people in their language community understand
  3. share information about themselves and their feelings with others
  4. entity that preforms the action
  5. replace a sound that is produced at one location in the mouth with a sound that is produced at a different location int he mouth

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  1. manner of articulation changesreplace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner


  2. customary age of production50% of children are able to produce a given sound in an adult-like way in multiple positions


  3. copulawhen yje verb be or any of its derivatives serve as the main veb in a sentence


  4. overextensionchildren use words in an overly general matter


  5. ecological validitysemantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech


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