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to attack from a place of hiding
The marine ambushed his enemy from behind a tree.


hard to understand or deal with
Geometry problems can be very complicated to solve.


to pause
The card player hesitated before he placed a bet on his card hand.


I put my life in peril when I tried skydiving.


to think about carefully
I pondered over question number ten on my history exam.


where and when a story takes place
The setting of this story is on a small farm during the winter months.


people in the story
There are three main characters in the story that I am reading.


person telling the story
The narrator told us about the background of the main character.


the sequence of events in a story
The plot tells the begining, middle and end of a story.


big message of the story; what the author wants us to remember
The theme of this story is that greed can cause unhappiness in most people's lives.


a place
The site of Lake Park's graduation ceremony is the College of DuPage.


what is happening for real
Once I started my job I saw the reality of working and going to school.


without a doubt
I cerainly need to get As and Bs in order to attend college.


to carve words or letters on something
I gave my girlfriend a bracelet that was inscribed with her name.


to look hard at something that is difficult to see
I will peer behind the door and try to spy on my brother.

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