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  1. replica
  2. persist
  3. consist
  4. retract
  5. constrict
  1. a (noun) a copy or reproduction of a work of art
  2. b (verb) to take back or draw back in
  3. c (verb) to make smaller or narrower, as by shrinking or contracting
  4. d (verb) to hold firmly and to a purpose or understanding despite warnings, or setbacks
  5. e (verb) to be made up or composed

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  1. (adjective) pleasing to the eye or mind; charming
  2. (verb) to keep within limits; confine
  3. (adjective) precise, exact, complete or absolute
  4. (verb) to take away a desirable part; diminish
  5. a force that tends to oppose or retard motion

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  1. abstract(adjective) considering apart from concrete exsistence


  2. complicate(verb) to make or become complex, intricate, perplexing


  3. attract(verb) to cause to draw near


  4. complication(verb) to make or become complex, intricate, perplexing


  5. insist(verb) to be firm in a demand or course; refuse to yeild


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