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  1. attract
  2. consist
  3. strict
  4. resist
  5. complication
  1. a (verb) to be made up or composed
  2. b (verb) a strive or work against;
  3. c (noun) a confused or intricate realationship of parts
  4. d (verb) to cause to draw near
  5. e (adjective) precise, exact, complete or absolute

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  1. (verb) to hold firmly and to a purpose or understanding despite warnings, or setbacks
  2. (verb) to keep within limits; confine
  3. (verb) to take away a desirable part; diminish
  4. (verb) to cause to turn away from attention or interest
  5. (verb) to make smaller or narrower, as by shrinking or contracting

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  1. duplicate(adjective,noun, or verb) an identical copy


  2. attractive(adjective) pleasing to the eye or mind; charming


  3. consistent(verb) to be made up or composed


  4. abstract(adjective) considering apart from concrete exsistence


  5. replica(noun) a copy or reproduction of a work of art


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