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  1. Compensatory Damages
  2. Investigation
  3. External Fraud
  4. Premium Services Department
  5. HIPAA Portability
  1. a are designed to compensate an insured for all of the actual losses or damages to make that person whole again
  2. b involves people outside the company that it is directed against
  3. c the ability to transfer insurance companies and still be covered for pre-exisiting conditions
  4. d an organized effort to discover the facts or truth of the matter
  5. e handles and processes all premium payments received

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  1. means buying insurance or coverage for the purpose of making a profit
  2. issued to insure the life or health of a named person or persons
  3. responsible for ensuring that the company's operation are conducted on a mathematically sound basis
  4. an employer or individual purchases an insurance plan and agrees to pay premiums to the insurance company
  5. which involves the employees of the company against which the fraud is perpetrated

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  1. Worker's Compensationa medical and disability reimbursement program that provides 100% medical coverage and a scheduled weekly disability benefit for job-related injuries


  2. Renewalpaying a premium in order to continue coverage after the initial policy period has expired


  3. Embezzlementis the act of an employee illegally taking funds from a company they work for


  4. New Business Departmentresponsible for presenting insurance products to the company's customers


  5. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurancepays a benefit to the beneficiary in the event of the insured person's death by accidental means


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