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  1. The grace of the Holy Spirit invites us to confess our sins and turn our life and heart back to God
  2. source of peace of mind
  3. The priests silent laying on of hands
  4. unites the more closely to Christ's passion
  5. healing for the soul, and if such is gods will, healing for the body
  6. forgiveness of sins

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  1. Principle Elements of Anointing of the Sick 3anointing of the forehead and hands with blessed oil


  2. Principle Elements of Anointing of the Sick 2prayers of intercession


  3. Graces of anointing of the sick 1Peace and courage to strengthen individuals to overcome any difficulties associated with serious illness or old age


  4. Graces of Reconciliation 4remission of temporal or temporary punishment either in part or entirely


  5. Graces of Reconciliation 1remits or takes away to eternal punishment that is the consequence of mortal sin


  6. SatisfactionMaking up for our sins


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