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  1. Name 3 facts about HMO plans
  2. supplemental medical insurance
  3. Part C (advantage)
  4. Conversion factor
  5. MAC
  1. a Medicare Administrative Contractors
  2. b Private insurance plans specifically designed to provide coverage for some of the services that Medicare does not pay, such as Medicare's deductible and coinsurance amounts and for certain services not allowed by Medicare.
  3. c Patient has relinquished part B and has chose an HMO plan, Private fee for service, Medicare special needs plans
  4. d Co-pay is fixed, Capitated fee for service carve outs, and authorization is required
  5. e national dollar amount that is applied to all services paid on the basis of the Medicare Fee Schedule

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  1. November/December
  2. 1965
  3. Co-pay is fixed, there is a deductible, Capitated fee for service carve outs, auth is required.
  4. Medicare Part D
  5. To achieve a transformed and modernized health care system

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  1. Part B (supplemental Medical Insurance) Medicare covers____Physcians, DME, lab, x-ray, home health


  2. What is the Mission of CMS?To achieve a transformed and modernized health care system


  3. Automatic coverage under Social SecurityMedicare Part A


  4. ARRAwork, overhead and malpractice


  5. GPCIsGeographic Practice Cost Indices


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