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  1. Part B (supplemental Medical Insurance) Medicare covers____
  2. What are the most common types of managed care plans
  3. RBRVS
  4. Name 3 facts about POS plans
  5. Which edition of the Federal Register is of special interest to outpatient facilities?
  1. a Co-pay is fixed, there is a deductible, Capitated fee for service carve outs, auth is required.
  2. b November/December
  3. c HMO, PPO, IPA, EPO, POS
  4. d Physcians, DME, lab, x-ray, home health
  5. e Resourse Based Relative Value System

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  1. Medicare Part A
  2. Co-pay is fixed, Capitated fee for service carve outs, and authorization is required
  3. Patient has relinquished part B and has chose an HMO plan, Private fee for service, Medicare special needs plans
  4. Medicare Part A
  5. 1965

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  1. Conversion factoran official document, that lists the new and proposed regulations of executive departments and regulatory agencies.


  2. What is the abbreviation CMS?Center for Medicare and Medicaid services


  3. Who can give further info related to issues addressed in the Federal RegisterElizabeth Holland


  4. ARRAwork, overhead and malpractice


  5. Federal registermanaged care health plans offered to medicare beneficiaries under the medicare advantage program


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