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  1. Automatic coverage under Social Security
  2. Federal register
  3. What is the abbreviation CMS?
  4. Physician visit coverage
  5. GPCIs
  1. a Medicare Part A
  2. b Medicare Part B
  3. c Geographic Practice Cost Indices
  4. d an official document, that lists the new and proposed regulations of executive departments and regulatory agencies.
  5. e Center for Medicare and Medicaid services

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  2. Physcians, DME, lab, x-ray, home health
  3. Hospital, Hospice, Skilled nursing
  4. managed care health plans offered to medicare beneficiaries under the medicare advantage program
  5. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

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  1. Name 3 facts about POS plansCo-pay is fixed and there is a deductible, there is capitated fee for service carve outs, auth is required.


  2. Codes assigned for payment using ICD-9, Vol 1,2; CPT; and HCPCSHMO, PPO, IPA, EPO, POS


  3. Prescription coverageMedicare Part B


  4. RVUAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act


  5. What is the issuing office of the Federal Register?Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


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