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  1. solutions are
  2. Metals, minerals, and water are examples of
  3. surfactaants have ____ ends
  4. one cheif characteristics of oxygen is th ability to support
  5. what is the characteristics of a gas?
  1. a no definate size and no definate shape
  2. b Inorganic substances
  3. c uniform mixtures of 2 or more equally mixable substances
  4. d combustion
  5. e 2

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  1. burn
  2. w/o
  3. negative
  4. not
  5. acid mantle

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  1. a ________ is the smallest particle of an elementatom


  2. Organic Chemistry is the study of substances that containoxidized


  3. Gasoline, plastics and fertilizers are all exaples ofo/w


  4. alkalines turn litmus paperfrom red to blue


  5. what is usually a solid coloremulsons


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