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  1. pH
  2. The most abundent element on earth is
  3. antioxidents prevent oxidation by neutalizing
  4. hydrophillic
  5. give a example of a solid?
  1. a oxygen
  2. b free radicals
  3. c its reltive degre of acidity or alkalinity
  4. d ice
  5. e water loving

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  1. ammonia and nitrates
  2. Inorganic substances
  3. 2
  4. Carbon
  5. negative

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  1. what is the most abundent of al substances?no definate size and no definate shape


  2. a soluteis dissolved


  3. o/w =water in oil


  4. 10% of this compound is used as an antisepticno definate size and no definate shape


  5. neutral pH for water7


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