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  1. a sovent
  2. Organic Chemistry is the study of substances that contain
  3. in what emulsion is water dispersered in oil
  4. neutral pH for water
  5. what is usually cloudy
  1. a suspensions
  2. b w/o
  3. c 7
  4. d dssolves something else
  5. e Carbon

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  1. negative
  2. ice
  3. o/w
  4. iron to rust or wood to ash
  5. water and salt

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  1. what is the characteristics of a liquid?definate size but not a definate shape


  2. one cheif characteristics of oxygen is th ability to supportcombustion


  3. a ________ is the smallest particle of an elementatom


  4. Metals, minerals, and water are examples ofInorganic substances


  5. emulsions are united byuniform mixtures of 2 or more equally mixable substances


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