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  1. give an example of a chemica change
  2. what emulsion is easlily ised with water?
  3. alkalines turn litmus paper
  4. w/o =
  5. what prevents oxidation from occuring in skin are poducts
  1. a from red to blue
  2. b water in oil
  3. c iron to rust or wood to ash
  4. d antioxidents
  5. e o/w

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  1. is dissolved
  2. mayo, cleansers, moisturizers, body wash
  3. water loving
  4. Carbon
  5. uniform mixtures that tend to seperate over time, have larger particles

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  1. what is the lightest lemt known?emulsons


  2. an electron has what charge?neutral


  3. what can cause inflammation, damage DNA, and may even cause deathacid mantle


  4. Metals, minerals, and water are examples ofInorganic substances


  5. salons primarily u what emulsioso/w


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