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  1. which emusions are heavie, and greasy
  2. solutions are
  3. Organic Chemistry is the study of substances that contain
  4. oxidation and reduction happen
  5. emulsions are united by
  1. a together at the same time
  2. b w/o
  3. c Carbon
  4. d an emuilsifier
  5. e uniform mixtures of 2 or more equally mixable substances

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  1. water
  2. 0-14
  3. no definate size and no definate shape
  4. definate size and a definate shape
  5. mixable

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  1. a soluteis dissolved


  2. what is usually cloudymayo, cleansers, moisturizers, body wash


  3. antioxidents prevent oxidation by neutalizingo/w


  4. what is the gasous mixture tat makes up our atmosphereair


  5. combustion isare suspensions of unstable mixtures of immiscable substances


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