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  1. Langar
  2. Kaur
  3. Hazur Sahib
  4. Sikh religious functionaries
  5. Kirat Karna
  1. a S. Princess (for females)
  2. b Giana, Granthi, Ragis
  3. c S. earn a livelihood by decent means through hard physical work and/or mental effort
  4. d free food for all after Sikh worship-service. S.
  5. e Deathplace of 10th Guru (Nander, Maharashtra State, India)

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  1. offering of lambs
  2. Adi Granth plus the hymns of the 9th Guru
  3. sacred prayer. S.
  4. term for God in VEDIC hinduism
  5. priest blesses

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  1. Shankara school of Vedanta - HinduismGod is independent, soul is dependent, matter is dependent. All is external to God, Mason brick analogy. if souls are bound; salvation oriented, damnation oriented, or eternally doomed


  2. Dual Heritage of Sikhism from hindu sidestrict monotheism, defensive militancy, no idol worship, no caste system, communal unity


  3. Vand ChaknaS. share the blessings of God, especially wealtha nd food, with the community in general and the needy in particular


  4. Which hindu gods are vedic?Vishnu, varuna, shiva, indra, lakshmi, durga


  5. Five seats of SikhismKesh, kanga, kacch, kara, kirpan


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