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  1. Three pillars of Sikhism
  2. abhisheka
  3. Naivedya
  4. Al-hind
  5. Jagrana
  1. a Nam Japna, Kirat Karna, Vand Chakna
  2. b hindu prayer
  3. c Arabic for India
  4. d Hindu offering of food
  5. e All night vigil

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  1. Kesh, kanga, kacch, kara, kirpan
  2. Founding place of the Khalsa Order (Anandpur, Punjab State, India)
  3. S. self-centered materialistic life (that must be given-up)
  4. Golden Temple (Holiest shrine of sikhism built by the 5th guru (Amritsar, Punjab State, India)
  5. 500 years old

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  1. Ganeshacomb (physical and mental purity) S.


  2. Ummayyad CaliphateDamasus Syria, 660-750 CE


  3. Upavasaprosessions


  4. Vand ChaknaS. share the blessings of God, especially wealtha nd food, with the community in general and the needy in particular


  5. Gianiscripture. S.


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