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  1. how old is Sikhism?
  2. Kirat Karna
  3. List of hindu Gods
  4. Ramanuja Hinduism
  5. Naivedya
  1. a Hindu offering of food
  2. b 1017-1137
  3. c 500 years old
  4. d Vishnu, varuna, shiva, indra, lakshmi, durga
  5. e S. earn a livelihood by decent means through hard physical work and/or mental effort

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  1. short dagger (courage and confidence) S.
  2. S. wedding ceremony
  3. Arabic for India
  4. term for God in VEDIC hinduism
  5. Nam Japna, Kirat Karna, Vand Chakna

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  1. kacchcomb (physical and mental purity) S.


  2. Madinan Calphate632-660 CE


  3. Shankara school of Vedanta - HinduismGod is the only reality, appears in three ways, gods, souls, matter. reality is divided into two realities; absolute and relative


  4. Keshgarh SahibDeathplace of 10th Guru (Nander, Maharashtra State, India)


  5. SinghS. Lion (for males)


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