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  1. Ramanuja Hinduism
  2. pratima
  3. Utsava
  4. Mahabharata
  5. Brahman
  1. a 1017-1137
  2. b prosessions
  3. c hindu worship of images
  4. d Hindu scripture, epic war poem, contains story of 8th incarnation
  5. e term for God in VEDIC hinduism

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  1. S. theologian
  2. priest blesses
  3. briefs (sexual morality and decency) S.
  4. short dagger (courage and confidence) S.
  5. Pahul ceremony, Anand Karaj

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  1. Five institutions of SikhismJapji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar


  2. Muhammad (historical)570-632 CE


  3. SangatS. Lion (for males)


  4. GranthiS. "scripture keeper" (functions as a priest)


  5. Al-hindlong hair (wisdom and saintliness) S.


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