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  1. List of hindu Gods
  2. Sikh religious functionaries
  3. Pahul ceremony
  4. Sangat
  5. Japji
  1. a Giana, Granthi, Ragis
  2. b community of elders. S.
  3. c S. "baptismal" ceremony when one is admitted into the khalsa order. five khalsa sikhs witness ceremony, while sixth stirs with a double-edged dagger, holy water with sugar.
  4. d sacred prayer. S.
  5. e Vishnu, varuna, shiva, indra, lakshmi, durga

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  1. hindu prayer
  2. Golden Temple (Holiest shrine of sikhism built by the 5th guru (Amritsar, Punjab State, India)
  3. Hindu offering of food
  4. scripture. S.
  5. Hindu Gods

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  1. kacchbriefs (sexual morality and decency) S.


  2. Singhcomb (physical and mental purity) S.


  3. Five institutions of SikhismJapji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar


  4. Madinan CalphateS. meditate on God's name


  5. Five seats of SikhismNanakana Sahib, Harimandir Sahib, Patna Sahib, Keshgarh Sahib, Hazur Sahib


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