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  1. Nanakana Sahib
  2. Ramayan
  3. Upavasa
  4. Guru Granth Sahib
  5. Brahma
  1. a refers to one hindu god
  2. b Adi Granth plus the hymns of the 9th Guru
  3. c birthplace of 1st guru (Talwandi, Punjab Province, Pakistan)
  4. d fasting
  5. e Classical hindu scripture

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  1. S. earn a livelihood by decent means through hard physical work and/or mental effort
  2. community of elders. S.
  3. God into two aspects, souls and matter. all is internal to god. souls are either; eternally saved, saved from samsara, or bound in samsara
  4. scripture. S.
  5. S. self-centered materialistic life (that must be given-up)

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  1. Hazur SahibBirthplace of the 10th guru (Patna, Bihar State, India)


  2. Dual Heritage of Sikhism from hindu sidekarma and rebirth, salvation from rebirth, Guru (spiritual master) concept, Prasad (sacred food) concept, devotional hymn-singing


  3. Madhva Hinduism1238-1317


  4. Sikh Rites of passagePahul ceremony, Anand Karaj


  5. Sikh religious functionariesGiana, Granthi, Ragis


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