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  1. Madhva school of Vedanta - Hinduism
  2. Which hindu gods are vedic?
  3. Al-hind
  4. Three pillars of Sikhism
  5. Ganesha
  1. a God is independent, soul is dependent, matter is dependent. All is external to God, Mason brick analogy. if souls are bound; salvation oriented, damnation oriented, or eternally doomed
  2. b Varuna, Indra
  3. c Arabic for India
  4. d Nam Japna, Kirat Karna, Vand Chakna
  5. e Hindu God worshipped before all others

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  1. scripture. S.
  2. free food for all after Sikh worship-service. S.
  3. Adi Granth, Guru Granth Sahib
  4. S. Hymns of the Hindu and moslem mystics, and the hymns of the 1st-5th gurus
  5. 788-820

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  1. Shankara school of Vedanta - HinduismGod into two aspects, souls and matter. all is internal to god. souls are either; eternally saved, saved from samsara, or bound in samsara


  2. MadiraHindu temple


  3. Brahmanrefers to one hindu god


  4. Brahmarefers to one hindu god


  5. pratimahindu worship of images


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