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  1. Transformation
  2. Isosceles
  3. Quadrilateral
  4. Hexagon
  5. Angle
  1. a A straight sided plane figure with two equal sides.
  2. b A polygon with six angles and six sides.
  3. c A figure formed by two rays.
  4. d A plane figure with four sides and four angles.
  5. e A change in the position of a figure. Reflections, rotations, and translations are examples of transformations.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. A polygon with five sides.
  2. A polygon with 12 angles and 12 sides.
  3. A turn. A transformation that turns a figure so each point stays an equal distance from a single point.
  4. One of four congruent angles made by a perpendicular lines.
  5. A polygon with nine angles and nine sides.

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  1. Obtuse AngleAn angle smaller than a right angle.


  2. ScaleneA triangle with no equal sides.


  3. Acute AngleAn angle smaller than a right angle.


  4. DecagonA polygon with ten angles and ten sides.


  5. TriangleA polygon with three sides.


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