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  1. Polygon
  2. Acute Angle
  3. Congruent
  4. Nonagon
  5. Rotation
  1. a A turn. A transformation that turns a figure so each point stays an equal distance from a single point.
  2. b A closed plane figure with sides made of straight line segments. It is closed -- that means it has no end points.
  3. c A polygon with nine angles and nine sides.
  4. d Exactly the same.
  5. e An angle smaller than a right angle.

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  1. A polygon with 12 angles and 12 sides.
  2. A transformation that moves a figure along a straight line without turning or flipping. Sometimes called a slide.
  3. An angle greater than a right angle and less than straight angle
  4. A polygon with three sides.
  5. Is the movement of a figure across a line, producing a mirror or congruent image of the figure.

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  1. DecagonA polygon with six angles and six sides.


  2. ScaleneA triangle with no equal sides.


  3. Right AngleA polygon with three sides.


  4. OctagonA polygon with ten angles and ten sides.


  5. QuadrilateralA figure with all its sides equal.


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