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  1. Nursing Actions for Antisocial
  2. Temperament
  3. Use of Psychotropics
  4. Cluster B Narcissistic-Affect
  5. Cluster A Paranoid-affective
  1. a Avoid sharing of feelings, never forgive or forget, chronic tension
  2. b lack of empathy, avoid feelings of blame, fear humiliation
  3. c reduce effects of manipulation, set clear & realistic limits, have a written plan, consistency, clear boundaries, be objective (be aware that they can instill guilt when not getting what they want)
  4. d present in infancy, influenced by genetic variables
  5. e No specific meds for personality disorders, meds are used to modify temperament and treat comorbid Axis I diseases. Antipsychotics help with fixed thoughts, SSRI's for depression and anxienty(Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft)

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  1. Goal:demonstrate the AB&C's in social situations. Interventions: set limits on manipulative behavior, role play, problem solve, establish a reward system with pt
  2. fear intimacy, lack of close friends (not because they dont want them but because they are so odd people do not want to be around them)
  3. perfectionist, detail oriented, need for certainty, procrastination, indecision, belief in "correct" solution
  4. want constant companionship, resist decision making
  5. anable to express emotions, anxious, need to feel in control

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  1. More Desired Treatment OutcomesLinking consequences to both functional and dysfuctional behaviors. Learn coping skills, manage anger, anxiety and shame, create a lifestyle that prevents regression


  2. Cluster B Antisocial-Cognitiveunable to sustain lasting relationships, exploit others, lack of guilt, failure to conform to social norms


  3. Cluster B Histrionic-Affectoverly dramatic, roller coaster of emotions


  4. Cluster C (anxious or fearful)Avoidant, dependent, Obsessive complusive


  5. Cluster C Avoidant-Affectfearful and shy, easily hurt by criticism


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