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  1. More Desired Treatment Outcomes
  2. Personality Disorders
  3. Psychosocial factors of Personality Disorder
  4. H.A.L.T.
  5. Cluster C (anxious or fearful)
  1. a contracts against self harm, verbalize internal focus, interact socially with others, decrease perfectionistic behaviors
  2. b Avoidant, dependent, Obsessive complusive
  3. c Should not be diagnosed before 18 yrs of age, patterns become inflexible, persistent, exaggerated and maladaptive. (Extremes)
  4. d H-never too hungry
    A-never too angry
    L-never too lonely
    T-never to tired
  5. e Antisocial, BPD, avoidant and dependent, narcissistic, histrionic

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  1. understand seductive behavior is a stress response, be professional, model the use of concrete & descriptive language, teach and model assertiveness
  2. cold, aloof, detachmed, no close friends, indifferent to others attitudes ( do not respond to praise)
  3. seek stimulation and excitement, may resort to assaulting behavior, seductive
  4. often come from abusive home, identity disturbance, impulsive, manipulating, self destructive, self harm (cutting, burning), reckless, suicidal
  5. fear intimacy, lack of close friends (not because they dont want them but because they are so odd people do not want to be around them)

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  1. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitiveparanoid ideation, suspicious, difficulty making decisions, magical thinking, bodily illusions


  2. Cluster C Avoidant-Affectreluctanct to enter relationship as no guarantee of acceptance, terrified of embarrassment, feels socially inadequate


  3. Cluster B Histrionic-Cognitiveconstrantly seek praise, approval and assurance, role of victim, flights of romantic fantasy


  4. Cluster A Schizoid-Behavioralodd speech (coherent but tangential), eccentric or peculiar


  5. Dx-impaired social interactionGoal:demonstrate the AB&C's in social situations. Interventions: set limits on manipulative behavior, role play, problem solve, establish a reward system with pt


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