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  1. Nursing actions for Narcissistic
  2. Cluster C (anxious or fearful)
  3. Cluster B Borderline-Cognitive
  4. Nursing care for Avoidant
  5. Cluster A (odd or eccentric, not seen on unit often)
  1. a Paranoid, schizoid (often men), schizotypal (often men)
  2. b gentle, friendly & reassuring, use positive feedback, identify stressors, may use desensitization, one on one not group, don't push into social situations (often use MAOI's & Benzos)
  3. c "black or white" thinking, identity disturbances, body image issues, dichotomous thinking
  4. d remain neutral, avoid power struggles or becoming defensive, convey unassuming self confidence, most Narcissistic pts. don't seek help
  5. e Avoidant, dependent, Obsessive complusive

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  1. overly sensitive to opinions of others, exaggerated need for acceptance
  2. Linking consequences to both functional and dysfuctional behaviors. Learn coping skills, manage anger, anxiety and shame, create a lifestyle that prevents regression
  3. reluctanct to enter relationship as no guarantee of acceptance, terrified of embarrassment, feels socially inadequate
  4. guard against power struggles, teach relaxation and problem solving, may use insight therapy, pts tend to intellectualize & rationalize
  5. 1)inflexible, maladaptive response to stress
    2)disability in working and loving
    3)ability to evoke conflict in nurses, family & friends
    4)capacity to have an intense effect on others (often undesirable results)

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  1. Cluster A Schizoid-Behavioralemotional detachment, loners, solitary activities, avoid social interaction (not married, no kids, no friends)


  2. Cluster A Schizotypal-Behavioremotional detachment, loners, solitary activities, avoid social interaction (not married, no kids, no friends)


  3. Cluster B Antisocial-Behavioralvery secretive, hyper-alert, search for evidence of attack, argue to keep distance


  4. Cluster B Narcissistic-SociallyHave disturbed relationships, exploit others to achieve personal goals


  5. Cluster B Antisocial-Cognitiveunable to sustain lasting relationships, exploit others, lack of guilt, failure to conform to social norms


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