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  1. Cluster B Borderline-Cognitive
  2. More Desired Treatment Outcomes
  3. Nursing Actions for Antisocial
  4. Cluster C Avoidant-Cognitive
  5. 4 Possible Inherited Traits
  1. a contracts against self harm, verbalize internal focus, interact socially with others, decrease perfectionistic behaviors
  2. b 1)novelty seeking (Cluster B)
    2)harm avoidance (Cluster A)
    3)reward dependence (Cluster B)
    4) persistence
  3. c "black or white" thinking, identity disturbances, body image issues, dichotomous thinking
  4. d reduce effects of manipulation, set clear & realistic limits, have a written plan, consistency, clear boundaries, be objective (be aware that they can instill guilt when not getting what they want)
  5. e overly sensitive to opinions of others, exaggerated need for acceptance

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  1. Environmental influences, abuse (cluster B), dysfunctional family, psychological, chronic trauma, biological factors
  2. Influenced by environmental variables, the product of learning & interactions with the environment
  3. Goal is safety, use contracts, identify triggers and patterns, take suicidal threats seriously
  4. Patterns that deviate from the cultural norms, have a long history of duration and is seen in cognition, affect, interpersonal functioning, and impulse control
  5. fear rejection, easily hurt by criticism, fears of being alone and helpless

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  1. Nursing actions for Narcissisticunderstand seductive behavior is a stress response, be professional, model the use of concrete & descriptive language, teach and model assertiveness


  2. Use of PsychotropicsNo specific meds for personality disorders, meds are used to modify temperament and treat comorbid Axis I diseases. Antipsychotics help with fixed thoughts, SSRI's for depression and anxienty(Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft)


  3. Cluster C Avoidant-Behavioroverly sensitive to opinions of others, exaggerated need for acceptance


  4. Cluster B Histrionic-Cognitiveseek stimulation and excitement, may resort to assaulting behavior, seductive


  5. Cluster B (dramatic, erratic, the "flavor"on the unit)Avoidant, dependent, Obsessive complusive


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