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  1. Use of Psychotropics
  2. Nursing care for Dependent
  3. Nursing actions for Narcissistic
  4. Cluster B Histrionic-Cognitive
  5. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitive
  1. a set limits, identify current stressors, model assertiveness, avoid counter-transference, try not to make pt feel punished, teach new skills and problem solving.
  2. b self centered, high need for approval, guided by feelings
  3. c remain neutral, avoid power struggles or becoming defensive, convey unassuming self confidence, most Narcissistic pts. don't seek help
  4. d No specific meds for personality disorders, meds are used to modify temperament and treat comorbid Axis I diseases. Antipsychotics help with fixed thoughts, SSRI's for depression and anxienty(Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft)
  5. e paranoid ideation, suspicious, difficulty making decisions, magical thinking, bodily illusions

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  1. overly dramatic, roller coaster of emotions
  2. social discomfort, do not let people close even for work
  3. be matter of fact, clear & straight forward explanations, warn of changes, side effects and delays, project neutral but kind affect
  4. overly sensitive to opinions of others, exaggerated need for acceptance
  5. fearful and shy, easily hurt by criticism

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  1. Cluster C Disorders: Anxious & FearfulAvoidant, dependent, Obsessive complusive


  2. Nursing actions for SchizoidDo not try to resocialize, do not need to push toward groups, avoid being too nice, tell pt clearly what to expect and what is expected of them.


  3. Cluster C Obsessive-Socialanable to express emotions, anxious, need to feel in control


  4. Nursing Actions for Antisocialrespect need for social isolation, be aware of pts. suspiciousness, calm their anxiety, remeber they are unhappy at lack of relationships


  5. Cluster C Avoidant-Socialreluctanct to enter relationship as no guarantee of acceptance, terrified of embarrassment, feels socially inadequate


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