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  1. Cluster A Schizoid-Cognitive
  2. Cluster C Obsessive-Social
  3. Cluster C Dependent-Behavior
  4. Nursing actions for Borderline
  5. Cluster B Antisocial-Socially
  1. a unable to sustain lasting relationships, exploit others, lack of guilt, failure to conform to social norms
  2. b poverty of thought, vague expression
  3. c set realistic goals, be aware of manipulation, clear & consistent boundaries, clear communication, avoid rejecting or rescueing, assess for self harm or suicide
  4. d need for control, omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing)
  5. e dependence, submission, avoid independence (often seen in older women)

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  1. contracts against self harm, verbalize internal focus, interact socially with others, decrease perfectionistic behaviors
  2. short term goals of safety and comfort
  3. Axis II, develope over time
  4. guarded, look for hidden meaning, expect to be used
  5. adolescent-lying, stealing, fighting
    adult-failure to meet financial obligations
    *impulsive, follow rules only when it meets their needs

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  1. Cluster B Borderline-Sociallyhistory of intense unstable and manipulative relationships, seek love but fear abuse, stress related, paranoid ideation


  2. Cluster B Histrionic-Cognitiveconstrantly seek praise, approval and assurance, role of victim, flights of romantic fantasy


  3. Characterpresent in infancy, influenced by genetic variables


  4. Nursing care for Dependentgentle, friendly & reassuring, use positive feedback, identify stressors, may use desensitization, one on one not group, don't push into social situations (often use MAOI's & Benzos)


  5. Cluster A Paranoid-affectiveAvoid sharing of feelings, never forgive or forget, chronic tension


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