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  1. Thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy
  2. Painless, rounded, slow-growing lid mass that may wax and wane
  3. tx underlying blepharitis, hot compresses; I&D if needed
  4. incision and gentle curettage
  5. oral ATBs and compresses
  1. a Presentation of chalazion
  2. b Autoimmune inflammation of extraocular muscles & periorbital connective tissue (Grave's dz)
  3. c Tx of chalazion
  4. d Tx of Molluscum contagiosus
  5. e Acute orbital cellulitis: tx for preseptal

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  1. Demodex follicularum (hair follicle mite) and
    Demodex brevis (sebaceous gland mite) may infect pilosebaceous unit of lid & cause...
  2. Presents w/ burning, itching & red eyelids; End result is lid margin scarring w/ misdirection of eye lashes (trichiasis) & corneal injury.
  3. Associated w/ seborrhea of scalp, nasolabial folds, brow, retroauricular area & sternum
  4. upper outer eye lid; viral or bacterial; fullness or pain in upper outer orbit w/ firm, tender swelling of lateral lid
  5. Tx of sarcoidosis

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  1. Pain, lid swelling, chemosis, fever and leukocytosisAcute orbital cellulitis: how does preseptal present?


  2. tissue of orbit and posterior to septumAcute orbital cellulitis: what does postseptal involve?


  3. cavernous sinus thrombosisOphthalmic findings include uveitis, eyelid nodules, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, chorioretinitis, lacrimal gland enlargement, conjunctival nodules & rarely, deep orbital dz


  4. external hordeolapurulent inflammations of lash follicles & adjacent glands


  5. Acute orbital cellulitisUsually due to extension of bacterial sinusitis; Threatens vision & life


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