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  1. HSV; oral acyclovir and topical vidarabine eye drops
  2. True
  3. hot compresses and ATBs (to cover Staph); I&D if needed
  4. dome-shaped, skin-colored, umbilicated nodules from which a cheesy material may be expressed
  5. IV ATBs and hospitalize with consultation (ears, nose and throat)
  1. a Classic description of Molluscum contagiosus
  2. b Tx of hordeolum (bacterial inf)
  3. c True or False: Tx of blepharitis is lifelong
  4. d unilateral crop of vesicles on swollen, red base; often on lower lid. Tx?
  5. e Acute orbital cellulitis: tx for postseptal

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  1. Tx of chalazion
  2. upper outer eye lid; viral or bacterial; fullness or pain in upper outer orbit w/ firm, tender swelling of lateral lid
  3. Demodex follicularum (hair follicle mite) and
    Demodex brevis (sebaceous gland mite) may infect pilosebaceous unit of lid & cause...
  4. Acute orbital cellulitis: how does postseptal present?
  5. Causes of acute orbital cellulitits

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  1. pain, redness and swelling of lid margin which may abscessBoth internal and external hordeola can cause...


  2. entropion, ectropion, thickening or notching of lid marginsStaphylococcal marginal blepharitis:- lid deformity may cause...


  3. False: rareTrue or False: Tx of blepharitis is lifelong


  4. internal hordeolapurulent inflammations of lash follicles & adjacent glands


  5. Red lid margins with greasy scale, not clustered at lash root and do not bleed or ulcerate when removedPresentation of seborrheic marginal blepharitis


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