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  1. Staph, Strep, H. influenza
  2. entropion, ectropion, thickening or notching of lid margins
  3. Thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy
  4. chronic blepharitis and meibomianitis
  5. hot compresses and ATBs (to cover Staph); I&D if needed
  1. a Staphylococcal marginal blepharitis:- lid deformity may cause...
  2. b Most common cause of uni- or bilateral proptosis
  3. c Causes of acute orbital cellulitits
  4. d Tx of hordeolum (bacterial inf)
  5. e Demodex follicularum (hair follicle mite) and
    Demodex brevis (sebaceous gland mite) may infect pilosebaceous unit of lid & cause...

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  1. Tx of chalazion
  2. lipogranulomatous inflammation of a sebaceous gland of eyelid 2° duct obstruction; Often associated w/ rosacea or seborrhea
  3. What do you see with dacroadenitis?
  4. sudden onset of fever & preherpetic neuralgia pain in the nrv distribution→ 3-4d later skin reddens, swells & develops vesicles→ rupture & heal over 1-2 wks. Tx?
  5. Presentation of Staphylococcal marginal blepharitis

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  1. Acute orbital cellulitisUsually due to extension of bacterial sinusitis; Threatens vision & life


  2. Dacrocystitisdue to obstruction of nasolacrimal duct; middle age adults: female>male (3:1); acute or chronic lacrimal sac swelling, irritation & tearing


  3. Tx for postherpetic neuralgiaantidepressants, gabapentin or pregabalin


  4. incision and gentle curettageTx of Molluscum contagiosus


  5. prednisoneTx of sarcoidosis


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