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  1. Major offensive by the British against the Germans in July of 1916. Each side lost more than 500,000 casualties in this disastrous battle.
  2. This is the area between the trenches.
  3. A situation in which neither side can gain the upper hand in war.
  4. An alliance of WWI which included France, Britain, Russia and (later) the US. It also included Italy and Serbia.

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  1. The Schlieffen PlanThis was a German plan for winning WWI by throwing the majority of its forces against France, by attacking the French through Belgium, before turning their attention to Russia.


  2. The Western FrontThis was the theater of war in Russia. It pitted the Russian against the Germans and Austrians.


  3. Trench WarfareStyle of warfare in which troops fought each other from defensive ditches dug just miles apart from one another. This generally led to a stalemate.


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