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  1. chemical and electromagnetic
  2. North and South
  3. sound energy
  4. magnet
  1. a What form of energy and what force interact to produce the motion energy in the motor?
  2. b What poles attract?
  3. c What part of the motor system is most directly involved in magnetic force?
  4. d Buzzers work because chemical energy is transformed to electrical energy which is transformed into ________________.

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  1. What types of energy are present in the motor?
  2. energy from sound
  3. the capacity for doing work and overcoming resistance
  4. the property, quality or state of being magnetic
  5. the center

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  1. wiresWhat part (matter) of the buzzer system is most directly involved in electrical energy?


  2. force fieldan invisible field of energy surrounding an object such as a magnet or electromagnet


  3. polea region of concentrated magnetic energy


  4. magnetichaving the properties of a magnet


  5. magnethaving the properties of a magnet


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