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  1. sound energy
  2. electrical, chemical & mechanical energy
  3. transformation
  4. North and South
  5. electromagnet
  1. a Strength of an ___________________________ is determined by amount of current in the wire and the amount of wire coils.
  2. b a change
  3. c What poles attract?
  4. d Buzzers work because chemical energy is transformed to electrical energy which is transformed into ________________.
  5. e What types of energy are present in the motor?

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  1. What part (matter) of the buzzer system is most directly involved in electrical energy?
  2. Strength of an electromagnet is determined by _____________________________________________.
  3. an invisible area of energy surrounding a magnet (force field)
  4. rapid movement back and forth that produces a sound
  5. energy from chemical reactions

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  1. magneticany piece of iron, steel or magnetite (lodestone) that has the property of attracting iron or steel


  2. armaturesomething that can be changed in an experiment to make the results different


  3. attracted or repelledThe magnetic force field is ____________________ or _______________ by the magnet.


  4. armatureThe electrical energy creates a magnetic force field in the ______________________.


  5. systema machine for converting elecrical energy into mechanical energy


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