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  1. pole
  2. wires
  3. closed and open
  4. electrical
  5. electrical, chemical & mechanical energy
  1. a The chemical energy from the battery changes to ______________ energy in the wire.
  2. b As the armature turns the electrical circuit is _____________ and ____________________.
  3. c What types of energy are present in the motor?
  4. d he chemical energy from the battery changes to electrical energy in the _______________.
  5. e a region of concentrated magnetic energy

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  1. to 'drive back' or force away from another object
  2. A motor works through the interaction of 2 ________________________.
  3. Buzzers work because _________________ is transformed to electrical energy which is transformed into sound energy.
  4. a core of magnetic material surrounded by a coil of wire through which an electric current is passed to magnetize the core
  5. wire with a coating to protect you from shock

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  1. electromagnetismStrength of an ___________________________ is determined by amount of current in the wire and the amount of wire coils.


  2. wiresWhat part (matter) of the buzzer system is most directly involved in electrical energy?


  3. armaturesomething that can be changed in an experiment to make the results different


  4. systemhe chemical energy from the battery changes to electrical energy in the _______________.


  5. motorThe interaction of the two force fields causes the armature to have energy of ______________.


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