Science Ch. 8.1 and 8.2

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measure of strength

measure magnitude

ritcher scale is used to...


how much of an increase ocurrs on ground when the magnitude increases


measure of how muh the earthquake was felt by ppl and amount of damage done

close to epicenter

greatest intensity is located where?

earthquake hazard

a measurement of how likely an area is to have an earthquake

gap hypothesis

states that seismis gaps are likely to be where a strong earthquake will occur in future due to built up stress

seismis gap

area where relitively few earthquakes have occureed


the slab of concrete upon which te building is built


the ''skeleton'' of a building


process of making older structures more earthquake resistant

mass damper

weight located at the TOP of the building

mass damper

moves at tp of building in response to computer controlled sensors and counteracts the movements of the building

active tendon system

works like a mass damper but it's at the bottom of the building

active tendon system

shifts a large weight at bottom of building in response to computer controlled sensors to counteract movement of building

base isolators

layers of rubber and steel wrapped around a lead core; acts as a shock absorber

base isolators

absorb seismis waves preventing them from traveling through the building

cross brace

Steel braces placed between floors

cross brace

counteract pressure that pushes and pulls at sides of building during an earthquake

flexible pipe

pipes designed with flexible joints that can bend and move

flexible pipes

prevent water lines and gas lines from breaking during an earthquake

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