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  1. extrinsic
  2. expatriate
  3. finesse
  4. fresco
  5. gauche
  1. a coarse and uncouth

    Burping is considered ____ in America but is not considered rude in China
  2. b a trick; to handle with a deceptive strategy
    to use finesse (refinement in performance)
  3. c to send into exile

    a person living outside their own land
  4. d a painting done on plaster
  5. e not inherent or essential

    The experiment is designed to exclude factors that are ____ to the phenomenon

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  1. to urge by strong appeals

    The commander ____ed his troops before sending them into battle
  2. incite; arouse
  3. to sink; fail; collapse

    The project ____ed because of a lack of public support
  4. to speak or write at length
  5. to show plainly; be an indication of

    His response to my question ____d me that he wasn't listening

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  1. fiatarbitrary order; authorization

    The dictator rules almost entirely by ____


  2. exactto force the payment of
    to demand and obtain by authority

    The dictator ____ed a tax of 50% from every single person in the country

    exacting: extremely demanding
    "What occupation is pleasanter, what less exacting, than the absorption of curious literary information?" -Huxley


  3. fallowplowed but now sowed; uncultivated

    At the beginning of each school year the teacher looks out at the new students and thinks of a ____ field, ready to be cultivated


  4. forswearrenounce; repudiate

    He ____ any knowledge of the crime


  5. equableadmirable
    possible to estimate

    Obama is an ____ man, and I also ____ he wins again


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