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  1. fresco
  2. estimable
  3. foment
  4. expatiate
  5. finesse
  1. a a trick; to handle with a deceptive strategy
    to use finesse (refinement in performance)
  2. b incite; arouse
  3. c admirable
    possible to estimate

    Obama is an ____ man, and I also ____ he wins again
  4. d to speak or write at length
  5. e a painting done on plaster

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  1. not inherent or essential

    The experiment is designed to exclude factors that are ____ to the phenomenon
  2. menacing, threatening

    The U.S. is a ____ economic and military power
  3. arbitrary order; authorization

    The dictator rules almost entirely by ____
  4. holy, sacred

    Darwin freed the public from the fetters of ____, but fallacious, assumptions about the age of the Earth
  5. to free from bad influences / evil spirits

    The psychologist helps to ____ personal demons from the patient's mind

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  1. fulsomeso excessive as to be disgusting

    ___ praise


  2. forbearancerenounce; repudiate

    He ____ any knowledge of the crime


  3. expatriateto speak or write at length


  4. forswearrenounce; repudiate

    He ____ any knowledge of the crime


  5. hermetictightly sealed

    hermes invented a magic seal that could hide the esoteric knowledge of the gods


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