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  1. What was the circus maximus
  2. What kinds of animals were fought
  3. Describe the training gladiators recieved
  4. Who staged these games- Empire
  5. What was the dress of a chariot driver
  1. a largest race track in rome seated 250,000 people (biggest in the world)
  2. b The government
  3. c wild animals
  4. d before training gladiators would be tested by a lanista for any dissabilities
  5. e a light helmet with a dagger

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  1. a race held in the circus maximus pulled by 2 to 4 horses
  2. they were slaves or poor romans
  3. fights, contests, games, sacrifices, pretend animal hunts, pretend naval battle,
  4. The romans would fill the coliseum with water after building ships inside the coliseum
  5. (Gauls, Samnites thraecians) (Gauls, thraecians, samnites) (Samnites, gauls, thraecians) (samnites, thraecian, gauls) (Thraecians, samnites, gauls) (Thraecians, gauls, samnites)

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  1. what was the use of the daggerto cut through reins if (the driver) tangled themself (in the reins)


  2. How many people could attend the gladiatorial gamesthey were slaves or poor romans


  3. Descrie the fansthey would enter through tunnels at opposite sides of the coliseum and the fights became very brutal


  4. How long were the gamesFrom dusk to dawn


  5. What was the center of the race track calledthe spina


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