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  1. Would fans bet
  2. What were the events gladiators participated in
  3. Was the water deep
  4. How were the naval battles performed
  5. Describe a chariot race
  1. a Not too deep but deep enough for a ship to sail
  2. b fights, contests, games, sacrifices, pretend animal hunts, pretend naval battle,
  3. c a race held in the circus maximus pulled by 2 to 4 horses
  4. d The romans would fill the coliseum with water after building ships inside the coliseum
  5. e yes they bet on the four different colors

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  1. The government
  2. largest race track in rome seated 250,000 people (biggest in the world)
  3. a light helmet with a dagger
  4. Politicians seeking votes
  5. Fans would go crazy if their color chariot won or lost the race

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  1. what social class were most gladiatorsthey were slaves or poor romans


  2. What was the center of the race track calledthe spina


  3. how was the spina decorated8


  4. who staged gladiatorial games in the republicpoliticians and the government


  5. what were the four colors8


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