1. The season of Lent ends on ___ of Holy Week.


2. A word that defines the three days that refers to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

Holy Week

3. The week in which we remember Christ's death and resurrection. The holiest week of the Church year. The week before Easter.

Palm or Passion Sunday

6. The Sunday before Easter Sunday begins Holy Week which is called __________. It recalls the dramatic entrance of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem the week before his death. It recalls the dramatic entrance of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem the week before his death.


8. How many Gospel readings are read on Palm Sunday?


9. In biblical times, what tree was considered a kingly tree because of its lofty height and majestic appearance?

royalty & victory

10. The palm tree became a symbol of ___ & ____.

Ash Wednesday

11. What day does Lent begin?

Paschal Mystery

13. A word that summarizes the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus is called


14. This oil of ____ us used to anoint catechumens to encourage and strengthen them.


15. The Easter Triduum consist of __ days. It's the same number of oils that are blessed by the bishop on Holy Thursday?


18. The only Mass celebrated in a parish on Holy Thursday is in the ___.


19. The Oil of the ___ is used in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Chrism Mass

20.What is the name of the celebration in the morning on Holy Thursday in cathedrals around the world when priest and people gather with their bishop.


21. The word good in Good Friday means _.


22. What sacrament did Jesus institute at the Last Supper?


23. The number of people's feet that are washed by the priest during Holy Thursday services.


24. The color ___ for the Good Friday liturgy signifies the passion and death of Jesus.


26. On Holy Thursday for the Mass of the Lord's Supper what color is used to signify the joyful events this liturgy recalls?


27. This oil us used in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders.

Easter Vigil

Another name for Holy Saturday is the


a word that means the night before.


the name of the candle that is lit on Holy Saturday that signifies the Light of Christ.

Washing of the feet
Holy Thursday

This symbolic gesture that is only used once a year emphasizes our call to service. Just as Jesus bent down to wash the feet of his disciples, we are to bend down and serve anyone and everyone in need.

Collection of the gifts for the poor
Holy Thursday

Though we are to care for the poor every day of our Christian lives, on Holy Thursday this profoundly Christian calling is emphasized by the collection for the poor, which is part of the Mass.

Celebration of the Eucharist
Holy Thursday

On this night, when we commemorate Jesus' institution of the Eucharist and his command to do this in memory of him, we take great care in celebrating the Eucharist particularly well.

Procession with the Blessed Sacrament
Holy Thursday

Because we do not celebrate the Eucharist on Good Friday we reserve the precious Body of Christ for the celebration of our Lord's Passion the next day. At the end of Mass on Holy Thursday, we bring the Blessed Sacrament to a place of repose where vigil is kept till midnight.

Proclamation (Reading) of the Passion
Good Friday

The center of our faith story is the passion narrative. The life of Jesus led to his condemnation, his torture and ultimately his death on the cross. On this day, when we commemorate the death of Jesus, we meditate on the last moments in Jesus' life as they have been recounted in theGospel of St. John.

Prayers for the needs of the world
Good Friday

we take our time to pray for the needs of the entire world. Where on Sundays and during weekday Masses we offer certain petitions, today we pray for everyone,ranging from the Holy Father to those who reject Christ.

Veneration of the cross
Good Friday

The cross, which is a tool of humiliation, torture and death, is the instrument of salvation for us. By his death on the cross and his resurrection, Jesus forged the path of salvation for all of us. Because of this, we venerate the wood of the cross on Good Friday. By kissing the cross, we not only honor Jesus' self-sacrifice but we also commit ourselves to live by that cross.

Easter fire
Holy Saturday

The lighting of fires at the time of the summer and winter solstice as well as on the spring and fall equinox was a pre-Christian ritual celebrating the light that conquers the darkness. For Christians, Jesus is the Light of the World, who once and for all conquers the darkness. During the Easter Vigil, when we celebrate the Resurrection, we begin with this great symbol of light conquering darkness.

Easter candle
Holy Saturday

The Easter candle or the Christ candle is the symbol of Christ the Light. It is lit from the Easter fire and burns throughout the Easter season. This candle is also used during baptisms and during funerals. In both instances, it symbolizes the Resurrection in which we have a part by virtue of our baptism. During the Easter Vigil, all who are present light their individual candles from the Easter candle, symbolizing that we are to share the light ofChrist with the whole world.

Baptismal waters
Holy Saturday

Water is used for the sacrament of baptism because it symbolizes the three main aspects of baptism: water cleanses, water destroys, water gives life. Indeed, in baptism we are cleansed from all sins including original sin; in baptism, we die with Christ in order to rise with him; in baptism, we are birthed into the church as we become new Christians.

Sacred Chrism
Holy Saturday

The one characteristic of oil is that it penetrates our skin and makes our skin glow. Because of this, oil has been used to symbolize the fact that, in confirmation, the Holy Spirit penetrates our whole being and makes us luminous with his gifts.

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