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  1. Evolution
  2. Paleontologists
  3. Scientific theory
  4. Species
  5. Cast
  1. a A well-tested concept
  2. b Scientists who study fossils
  3. c group of similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring
  4. d Gradual change in a species
  5. e A solid copy of the shape of an organism

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  1. A homologous structure shared by organisms in a group.
  2. Shows evolutionary relationships among organisms.
  3. Fossils where minerals replace the organism
  4. Classification grouping that contains similar organisms.
  5. Trait that helps an organism survive

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  1. HabitatScientific environment that allows an organism to live


  2. ExtinctIf no one in a species is alive


  3. Comparative AnatomyThe study of how organisms are classified


  4. ClassificationA difference between individuals of the same species


  5. Binomial NomeclatureA two-part specific name for an organism


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