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  1. Adaptation
  2. Punctuated Equilibrium
  3. Petrified Fossils
  4. Gradualism
  5. Variation
  1. a Fossils where minerals replace the organism
  2. b A difference between individuals of the same species
  3. c Hypothesis
  4. d Trait that helps an organism survive
  5. e Accounts for gaps in the fossil record

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  1. Shows evolutionary relationships among organisms.
  2. Process of grouping on similarities
  3. Scientists who study fossils
  4. Organisms with cells that contain nuclei
  5. A two-part specific name for an organism

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  1. GenusClassification grouping that contains similar organisms.


  2. Trace FossilsFossils where minerals replace the organism


  3. Taxonomypreserved remains or evidence of an ancient organism


  4. ProkaryotesOrganisms with cells that contain nuclei


  5. CastA solid copy of the shape of an organism


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