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  1. Branching tree diagram
  2. Gradualism
  3. Extinct
  4. Evolution
  5. Prokaryotes
  1. a Organisms whose cells lack a nucleus
  2. b Hypothesis
  3. c If no one in a species is alive
  4. d Gradual change in a species
  5. e Shows evolutionary relationships among organisms.

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  1. Scientific environment that allows an organism to live
  2. Fossils that show the activities of an organism
  3. Similar structures that are inherited
  4. Trait that helps an organism survive
  5. Accounts for gaps in the fossil record

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  1. Natural SelectionA difference between individuals of the same species


  2. TaxonomyScientific environment that allows an organism to live


  3. MoldA hollow area in sediment


  4. EukaryotesOrganisms with cells that contain nuclei


  5. CastA solid copy of the shape of an organism


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