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  1. Eightfold Path
  2. reincarnation
  3. dharma
  4. Four Noble Truths
  5. Siddhartha Gautama
  1. a founder of Buddhism
  2. b Buddhist statement that desire caused suffering
  3. c one's duty in Hinduism
  4. d belief the soul is reborn when a person dies
  5. e Buddhists follow this to eliminate desire

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  1. respect for your elders in Confucianism
  2. a test given to determine if a person qualified for a government job
  3. based on order, rule by example, filial piety
  4. a land holding system giving loyalty and service in return
  5. belief your culture is superior to others

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  1. Daoismphilosophy stressing punishment and strict control


  2. AsokaMauryan emperor who issued the edicts


  3. Qinone's actions in Hinduism


  4. caste systemsocial groups based on birth in Hinduism


  5. Vedas and Bhagavad-Gitafounder of Buddhism


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