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  1. Four Noble Truths
  2. Legalism
  3. polytheism
  4. Eightfold Path
  5. Qin
  1. a the belief in many gods
  2. b only dynasty to use Legalism to rule
  3. c Buddhist statement that desire caused suffering
  4. d Buddhists follow this to eliminate desire
  5. e philosophy stressing punishment and strict control

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  1. belief the soul is reborn when a person dies
  2. social groups based on birth in Hinduism
  3. one's duty in Hinduism
  4. a land holding system giving loyalty and service in return
  5. philosophy based on nature and limited government

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  1. filial pietyrespect for your elders in Confucianism


  2. AsokaMauryan emperor who issued the edicts


  3. civil service examrespect for your elders in Confucianism


  4. Vedas and Bhagavad-Gitafounder of Buddhism


  5. mandate of heavenbelief the heavens supported or denied the right to rule


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