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  1. What is salutatory conduction of an action potential? Does it occur in all nerve fibers? How does diameter of a nerve fiber affect speed of conduction?
  2. What is the role of the Schwann Cell in the formation of the myelin sheath. What is the neurilemma? What is a node of Ranvier? Are nodes of Ranvier in both the CNS and the PNS?
  3. Do CNS nerve fibers generally regenerate?
  4. What is the role of a neurotransmitter? What is Ach? What are cholinergic synapses? What kind of transmitters are dopamine and serotonin?
  5. What ions are pumped out the cell when the Na/K pump is activated?
  1. a 3 Na out, 2 K in
  2. b To travel across the synapse and get the action potential to the next neuron
    Ach is acetylcholine
    Cholinergic synapses -
  3. c Salutatory conduction of an action potential is when you jump from node to node.
  4. d Schwann Cell wraps around the axon to form the myelin sheath.
    Neurilemma is the plasma membrane of a neuron
    Ranvier is the space between mylination
  5. e Not really.

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  1. In CNS, it doesn't heal.
    In PNS, if mylineation cells are still in tact, they will reform a path for the neuron to grow.
    Schwann Cells or Oligodendricites
  2. Axonal transport is a cellular process responsible for movement of mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles, proteins, and other cell parts (i.e. organelles) to and from a neuron's cell body, through the cytoplasm of its axon
  3. Unipolar
  4. Yes
  5. Certain stimulus happens repeatedly, and adds to threshold in order to get an action potential.
    Results in threshold

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  1. Is the sodium-potassium pump and active or passive process?Active


  2. What is an EPSP and a IPSP? Are these graded potentials, action potentials, or can they be both?EPSP - Excitatory Post Synaptic Potential; potential of the cell to reach threshold again after it has been through a cycle.
    IPSP - Inhibitory Post Synaptic Potential; Hyperpolarize on purpose to prevent a response to every stimulus.


  3. What advantage does having a myelin sheath give to a nerve fiber?Means that action potential doesn't have to travel down the entire axon, just jumps from node to node.


  4. Which channels are activated for depolarization in an action potential?Voltage Gated Na+ Channels


  5. What are gated channel? There different gated channels, which channels are regulated by neurotransmitters?Channels that are somehow opened to allow specific ions to enter and exit.


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