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  1. Do CNS nerve fibers generally regenerate?
  2. Which channels are activated for depolarization in an action potential?
  3. What is a presynaptic neuron? Postsynaptic neuron? Define converge, divergence of neurons.
  4. What are gated channel? There different gated channels, which channels are regulated by neurotransmitters?
  5. You may recall that a muscle fiber is an entire muscle cell; is a nerve fiber an entire neuron? (explain)
  1. a No because the neuron consists of many other things that make up the neuron (dendrites, axons, cell bodies, axon terminals)
  2. b Channels that are somehow opened to allow specific ions to enter and exit.
  3. c Voltage Gated Na+ Channels
  4. d Not really.
  5. e Presynaptic - The neuron that sends the action potential to the next dendrite
    Postsynaptic - Receives the message
    Convergence of Neurons - First one neuron is influenced by many others, resulting in a convergence of input.
    Divergence of Neurons - When the neuron fires, the signal is sent to many other neurons, resulting in a divergence of output.

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  1. A bundle of neurons that travel to and from the same place.
  2. Cell bodies found in gray matter
    Mylenated Axons
    Because the tissue is composed of fatty tissue.
  3. To travel across the synapse and get the action potential to the next neuron
    Ach is acetylcholine
    Cholinergic synapses -
  4. Schwann cells can point the neuron in the right direction so it can regrow to the proper receptor sites.
  5. Axonal transport is a cellular process responsible for movement of mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles, proteins, and other cell parts (i.e. organelles) to and from a neuron's cell body, through the cytoplasm of its axon

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  1. What is an EPSP and a IPSP? Are these graded potentials, action potentials, or can they be both?Voltage Gated Na+ Channels


  2. What advantage does having a myelin sheath give to a nerve fiber?Mylination


  3. Is the sodium-potassium pump and active or passive process?In order to get back to polarization, they have to pump in 3 Na out, 2 K in


  4. How is the sodium-potassium pump related to the resting potential of the nerve fiber?Active


  5. Describe the ionic basis for an action potential (depolarization). What is the ionic basis for repolarization? What is hyperpolarization? What ions are involved?Voltage Gated Na+ Channels


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