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  1. inter
  2. prohibition
  3. revise
  4. analytical
  5. asseverate
  1. a to bury
  2. b correct or improve
  3. c tending to examine the components of
  4. d an order to restrain or stop
  5. e to affirm, to aver

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  1. dull, flat, tasteless
  2. to confine or impound
  3. tending to excite or stimulate
  4. concealing the truth
  5. a temporary respite

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  1. predisposedcorrect or improve


  2. stentoriancharacterized by a harsh snoring or gasping sound


  3. bleatfeeble cry of protest


  4. dexterousmentally or manually adroit


  5. antitheticaltending to examine the components of


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