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  1. Serene (adj)
  2. Harmonious (adj)
  3. Ascent (N)
  4. Baleful (adj)
  5. Prone (adj)
  1. a threatening, or seeming to threaten, to cause harm or misfortune
    The baleful weather made all the children run inside from recess.
  2. b characterized by friendly agreement and accord
    President Obama was pleased by the harmonious behavior of the senate.
  3. c without worry or stress
    The serene child was envied by the older teenagers swamped by homework.
  4. d an upward vertical movement, an upward slope
    We stareted the grueling 2 hour ascent up the mountain.
  5. e inclined to do or be affected by something; lying face down
    My cousins are prone to certain dieses because they have diabetes which weakens your immune system.

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  1. a story in which people, things, etc. symbolize something else
  2. happening from time to time
    The family has intermittent gathering to check up on everyone and see how their doing.
  3. feeling, expressing, or demonstrating dislike or disrespect
    The contemptuous child was sent to the principles office after bad mouthing to the teacher.
  4. an appearance of a supposed ghost; appearance of something or someone unexpected
    The elderly home hired a ghost whisper after some members saw an apparition.
  5. thoughtlessly vulgar and insensitive
    Emily's crass behavior to the grieving mother made her unlike at the funeral.

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  1. Brusque (adj)abrupt, blunt, or curt in manner or speech
    I took a brusque walk through the jungle to avoid the poisonous snakes.


  2. Somnolent (adj)suggestive or reminiscent of something; with a particular scent
    The basement was redolent of its past grey mice.


  3. Procrastinate (v)to formulate clever or decietful schemes
    It is never a good idea to leave my cousin alone because she will contrive many plans on escaping.


  4. Redolent (adj)sleepy; quiet and with little to no activity
    The somnolent lake was a beautiful sight to the water skiers.


  5. Contrive (V)an upward vertical movement, an upward slope
    We stareted the grueling 2 hour ascent up the mountain.


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