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  1. Bacteria carbs vfas gas
  2. Passive diffusion active diffusion.
  3. Amylase glucose
  4. Acetate
  5. High grain diet
  1. a Some is converted to ketones, can lead to keratosis, converted to acetyl coa in liver (oxidation via tea cycle, fatty acid synthesis) and is a precursor for milk and body fatty acids
  2. b Ruminant absorb through what ? But if in small intestine what is it?
  3. c Pancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?
  4. d Propionic acid is found where?
  5. e Large intestine has what in it?

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  1. Pyruvate goes from cytosol to what? Then what?
  2. Gluconeogenesis does what ?
  3. Pentose phosphate pathway occurs where? And does what ? Dosent produce what?
  4. Mouth has what enzymes and then goes to what next?
  5. Tca cycle produces what and is located where?

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  1. High propionatePropionic acid is found where?


  2. Puyrvate lactatePancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?


  3. Pancreas blood large intestineSmall intestine goes to what three structures next?


  4. 5 dnaRibose has how many carbons and are used for What?


  5. Hcl dextrin small intestineStomach has what enzymes and goes to what next?


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