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  1. Ribose precursors found in tissue that need nadph
  2. Acetic acid
  3. Glucogenesis transamination deamination synthesis of fatty acids
  4. No
  5. 38
  1. a High forage diet has what vfa?
  2. b Once Pyruvate enters tca cycle how many ATP per glucose?
  3. c Is propionate higher than acetate In concentration?
  4. d Pentose phosphate pathway is source of ? Found where?
  5. e Tca cycle is involved in what four things?

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  1. Mono gastric absorb carbs by what process?
  2. Glucose breaks down to what to go into Krebs cycle?
  3. What enters tca cycle?
  4. Gluconeogenesis does what ?
  5. Large intestine has what in it?

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  1. LiverAcetate is the highest concentration?


  2. Monosaccharides fatty acids amino acidsTissues need nadph for what?


  3. High grain dietHigh roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?


  4. 3 atpNadh+ h


  5. MethaneThese feed additives: monensin and lasalocid are added to reduce this?


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