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  1. Salivary amalyse stomach rumen
  2. No
  3. 2 atp
  4. Liver
  5. Amylase glucose
  1. a Mouth has what enzymes and then goes to what next?
  2. b Pancreas has what enzyme, blood has what?
  3. c Where is acetate absorbed and carried?
  4. d Fadh+ h
  5. e Butyrate Higher than propionate?

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  1. Propionic acid is found where?
  2. In aerobic conditions Pyruvate Productuion happens and how many ATP per glucose?
  3. What is added to the Pyruvate in the mitochondria to go into the Krebs cycle?
  4. Aborbed and carried to liver? Enters tca cycle as succinyl coA? Precursor for glucose synthesis in ruminants ? All is?
  5. Acetic acid is made up of what?

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  1. EnergyAcetate is the highest concentration?


  2. Pancreas blood large intestineStomach has what enzymes and goes to what next?


  3. AcetateThese feed additives: monensin and lasalocid are added to reduce this?


  4. Acetyl coaGlucose breaks down to what to go into Krebs cycle?


  5. Monosaccharides fatty acids amino acidsTca cycle is final pathway for what?


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