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  1. Liver adipose tissue adrenal glands testes lactating mammary gland
  2. Energy mitochondria
  3. Salivary amalyse stomach rumen
  4. Glucogenesis transamination deamination synthesis of fatty acids
  5. Yes
  1. a Tca cycle produces what and is located where?
  2. b Acetate is the highest concentration?
  3. c Tca cycle is involved in what four things?
  4. d Mouth has what enzymes and then goes to what next?
  5. e Examples of nadph tissues?

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  1. Transamination does what?
  2. Glyclosis happens where?
  3. Pyruvate goes from cytosol to what? Then what?
  4. Aborbed and carried to liver? Enters tca cycle as succinyl coA? Precursor for glucose synthesis in ruminants ? All is?
  5. Tca cycle is final pathway for what?

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  1. MethaneWhat is not usable by animals, 8-12% of ge intake lost, thought to contribute to greenhouse gas, some capturing for use, feed additives to reduce this ?


  2. Hcl dextrin small intestineSmall intestine goes to what three structures next?


  3. Ribose precursors found in tissue that need nadphPentose phosphate pathway is source of ? Found where?


  4. Glycolysis tca cycle electron transport chainTca cycle also known as?


  5. 5 dnaFadh+ h


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