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  1. Vfas
  2. Liver adipose tissue adrenal glands testes lactating mammary gland
  3. 2 atp
  4. Breakdown amino acids
  5. Glucogenesis transamination deamination synthesis of fatty acids
  1. a Examples of nadph tissues?
  2. b Tca cycle is involved in what four things?
  3. c What enters tca cycle?
  4. d Deamination does what?
  5. e Fadh+ h

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  1. Propionic acid is found where?
  2. High roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?
  3. Transamination does what?
  4. Stomach has what enzymes and goes to what next?
  5. Where are vfas absorbed?

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  1. 8Is propionate higher than acetate In concentration?


  2. YesAcetate is the highest concentration?


  3. Fat glucose energyKetones can be used for what?


  4. Diet feed additivesHigh roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?


  5. Glycolysis tca cycle electron transport chainEnergy production from?


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