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  1. Propionic acid
  2. Vfas
  3. VfaS
  4. Fiber starch bacteria celllase vfas gas
  5. Yes
  1. a What enters tca cycle?
  2. b 2 propionate plus h20 is what?
  3. c What is the product of fermentation in rumen, colon, or cecum?
  4. d Rumen has what in it?
  5. e Acetate is the highest concentration?

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  1. High roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?
  2. What is not usable by animals, 8-12% of ge intake lost, thought to contribute to greenhouse gas, some capturing for use, feed additives to reduce this ?
  3. Once Pyruvate enters tca cycle how many ATP per glucose?
  4. You can change propionate production by what?
  5. Butyrate plus co2 plus ch4 is what?

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  1. Fat glucose energyGluconeogenesis does what ?


  2. 2 acetate co2 ch4 heatAcetic acid is made up of what?


  3. Passive diffusionVfas are absorbed what way?


  4. Mitochondria tca cyclePyruvate goes from cytosol to what? Then what?


  5. 3-hydroxbutryate rumen wa,,Glycolisis converts glucose into what? What if stressed


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