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  1. Rumen colon cecum
  2. Fat glucose energy
  3. 8
  4. 2 atp
  5. Transport reducing equivalents inner membrane of mitochondria water and energy
  1. a Acetate is used for? Propionate used for? Butyrate used for?
  2. b In aerobic conditions Pyruvate Productuion happens and how many ATP per glucose?
  3. c Electron transport chain is used for what! Is where? From what?
  4. d Where are vfas absorbed?
  5. e Fadh+ h

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  1. Glyclosis happens where?
  2. 2 propionate plus h20 is what?
  3. Pentose phosphate pathway occurs where? And does what ? Dosent produce what?
  4. Nadh+ h
  5. Butyrate Higher than propionate?

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  1. NoIs propionate higher than acetate In concentration?


  2. 3-hydroxbutryate rumen wa,,Butyrate is converted to what in where?


  3. MethaneThese feed additives: monensin and lasalocid are added to reduce this?


  4. Diet feed additivesHigh roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?


  5. Pancreas blood large intestineStomach has what enzymes and goes to what next?


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