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  1. Cytosol complete oxidation of glucose produce co2 and nadph no atp
  2. Energy mitochondria
  3. Bacteria carbs vfas gas
  4. Pancreas blood large intestine
  5. High acetate
  1. a Pentose phosphate pathway occurs where? And does what ? Dosent produce what?
  2. b Tca cycle produces what and is located where?
  3. c Small intestine goes to what three structures next?
  4. d Large intestine has what in it?
  5. e High roughage means? Increases milk fat in cattle?

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  1. You can change propionate production by what?
  2. Rumen has what in it?
  3. Gluconeogenesis does what ?
  4. Fadh+ h
  5. Tissues need nadph for what?

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  1. Acetic acidHigh forage diet has what vfa?


  2. Makes amino acidsDeamination does what?


  3. Acetyl coaHigh forage diet has what vfa?


  4. VfaSFadh+ h


  5. Pentose phosphate pathway?Aborbed and carried to liver? Enters tca cycle as succinyl coA? Precursor for glucose synthesis in ruminants ? All is?


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