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  1. Networks
  2. independent stations
  3. Station Rep
  4. coverage
  5. Media objectives
  1. a audience delivery goals such as who we are talking to when, etc. in order to meet all other objectives.

    areas to set them is target audience, creative requirements, reach and frequency, timing, geo, promotions, budget, etc..
  2. b big broadcasitng companies
  3. c - represents one TV station per market and ussually multiple radio stations, but only on per format
    - they are only paid if they sell spots
    - National and regional advertisers buy through station reps who act as a middle person
  4. d percentage of HH that get the signal
    ABC has 99% coverage
  5. e - locally based
    - can still use this for the national population

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  1. =percentage of HH using TV at a given time of day

    = # of HH using TV during time period/ total HH in universe x 100
  2. en interactive system of marketing wich uses one or more advertising media to effect a measrueable response and/or transatction at any location
  3. category development index.

    Is based on the percentage of sales of a product category rather than a brand in a given market. It tells strengths and weaknesses of the category

    CDI = % of a category's sales in a market/ % of the US population in that same market
  4. - they produce tv shows and sell them to networks
    - show sellers
  5. focus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"

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  1. share of voicehow much advertising is being done in camparison to competitors

    a calculation of any one advertiser's brand expenditures relative to the overall spending in a category.

    Share of Voice = one brand's advertising expenditures in a medium/total product category advertising expenditures in a medium


  2. TV advantageshigh absolute cost
    highl clutter
    viewer "tune out"
    lack of credibility


  3. Media MixThe blend of media used to communicate a message to a target audience.

    compare brand spending in media categories (e.g. do some put most of their budget into radio, while others focus more on national magazines?)


  4. CPP= (cpp/ universe) x 1000

    = (total cost/ total gross impressions) x 1000


  5. Gross Impressions= (rating/100) x universe


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