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  1. coverage
  2. Station Rep
  3. HUT/PUT
  4. List broker
  5. CPM
  1. a = (cpp/ universe) x 1000

    = (total cost/ total gross impressions) x 1000
  2. b compsanies that compile and maintain various mailing lists and then sell them to marketers that are interested in the list
    - generally, the more specialized the list, the greater the cost
    - sale is for one time use
  3. c percentage of HH that get the signal
    ABC has 99% coverage
  4. d =percentage of HH using TV at a given time of day

    = # of HH using TV during time period/ total HH in universe x 100
  5. e - represents one TV station per market and ussually multiple radio stations, but only on per format
    - they are only paid if they sell spots
    - National and regional advertisers buy through station reps who act as a middle person

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  1. - an annual ritual of May-June in which advertisers commit to media buys for the fall season; available at a discount rate provided by the Network TV execs
    - Traditionally, 75% of network priime time TV advertisng is purchased in the upfront market
    - However, upfront buying is on the decrease
  2. background medium
    sound nly
    short messge life
    fragmentation ( makes audience shares low)
  3. refers to programming that is broadcast for the first time as a syndicated show (not any one particular network), or at least first so offered in a given country (programs originally created and broadcast outside of the United States, first presented on a network in their country of origin, have often been syndicated in the U.S. and in some other countries),

    original programming produced specifically for the syndicated television market
  4. = daily effective circulation
    - is the exact same as GRP
    - this is a gross (duplicated) number
    - a GRP (or showing) of 25 means that on an overage day 25% of the population in a particular area will hve the opportunity to see the ad
    counts usign traffic studies
  5. sight and sounds
    cost efficient
    ability to buld high frequency
    possible short lead time

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  1. Penetration= # of HH wathing it/ US TV HH's


    =cost per ad/ CPP

    = #persons exposed to vehicle/ #persons in universe x 100

    - percentage of HH or people exposed to an advertising medium or vehicle


  2. syndicators- they produce tv shows and sell them to networks
    - show sellers


  3. characterisitcs of an objectivefocus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"


  4. Media MixBrand Development Index; determines the sales potential for a specific brand in a particular market area. The higher the BDI number, the greater the potential that exists.

    BDI= (% of brand to total U.S. sales in market / % of total U.S. population in market)x100


  5. Marketing objectivefocus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"


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