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  1. Direct Response Advantages
  2. Media objectives
  3. Showing
  4. Share of Voice
  5. Affiliate stations
  1. a creative flexibliltiy
    unlimited geographic targetintg
    advertiser has control over production quality
  2. b shows brand's strengts and weaknesses using individual media and overall position in themedia marketpalce

    defined as a brand's percentage of total advertsing dollars spent within a category

    = (brand medium expenditure/ category medium expenditure) x 100
  3. c - spot announcemnt
    - TV stations that have contracts with network stations
  4. d audience delivery goals such as who we are talking to when, etc. in order to meet all other objectives.

    areas to set them is target audience, creative requirements, reach and frequency, timing, geo, promotions, budget, etc..
  5. e = daily effective circulation
    - is the exact same as GRP
    - this is a gross (duplicated) number
    - a GRP (or showing) of 25 means that on an overage day 25% of the population in a particular area will hve the opportunity to see the ad
    counts usign traffic studies

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  1. used for the internet
    how often a banner ad will rotate on the top of the screen and what not
  2. a distributor takes a program that has already been shown on network television and rents episodes to TV stations for local airing
  3. - represents one TV station per market and ussually multiple radio stations, but only on per format
    - they are only paid if they sell spots
    - National and regional advertisers buy through station reps who act as a middle person
  4. relatively inexpensive
    short time between media exposures and purchase
    builds frequency
    high summer exposure
    local appeal
  5. = CPM X universe/ 1000

    = Total Cost/ Total GRPs

    how much it costs to buy one rating point or 1% of the population in the area being evaluated;

    =cost of ad time/program rating

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  1. coveragepercentage of HH that get the signal
    ABC has 99% coverage


  2. dr disadvantageshigh absolute cost
    highl clutter
    viewer "tune out"
    lack of credibility


  3. characterisitcs of an objectivefocus on communication
    sometimes called "indirect objectives"


  4. Rating= # of HH wathing it/ US TV HH's


    =cost per ad/ CPP

    = #persons exposed to vehicle/ #persons in universe x 100

    - percentage of HH or people exposed to an advertising medium or vehicle


  5. TRPs= # of spots x rating


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