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  1. lava
  2. nonfoliated
  3. fracture
  4. texture
  5. density
  1. a magma that flows onto the Earth's surface
  2. b the amount of mass in a given space; mass per unit volume
  3. c the sizes, shapes, and positions of the grains that a rock is made of
  4. d the tendency of a mineral to break along curved or irregular surfaces
  5. e texture of metamorphic rock in which mineral grains show no alignment

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  1. the process by which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together into one mass
  2. the tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces
  3. rock that forms when the texture and composition of preexisting rock changes due to heat and/or pressure
  4. scale ranking 10 minerals from softest to hardest; used in testing the hardness of minerals
  5. Sedimentary rock that forms from remains of organisms deposited in thick layers

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  1. foliatedthe texture of metamorphic rock in which the mineral grains are aligned like the pages of a book


  2. depositionthe process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind that is carrying it


  3. streaka solid mixture of crystals of one or more minerals or other materials


  4. fossilthe way the surface of a mineral reflects light


  5. erosionthe destructive process in which water or wind loosen and carry away fragments of rocks


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