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  1. chemical rock
  2. magma
  3. erosion
  4. metamorphic rock
  5. organic rock
  1. a the hot liquid that forms when rock partially or completely melts, located inside the Earth
  2. b the destructive process in which water or wind loosen and carry away fragments of rocks
  3. c Sedimentary rock that forms when minerals crystallize from a solution
  4. d rock that forms when the texture and composition of preexisting rock changes due to heat and/or pressure
  5. e Sedimentary rock that forms from remains of organisms deposited in thick layers

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  1. the process by which sediments are pressed together under their own weight
  2. rock that forms when sediments are compacted and cemented together
  3. magma that flows onto the Earth's surface
  4. the type of igneous rock that forms when lava cools and solidifies on the Earth's surface
  5. the tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces

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  1. rock cyclethe process by which one rock type changes into another rock type


  2. lusterthe way the surface of a mineral reflects light


  3. rockmagma that flows onto the Earth's surface


  4. texturethe tendency of a mineral to break along curved or irregular surfaces


  5. foliatedtexture of metamorphic rock in which mineral grains show no alignment


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