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Chapter 12 Test

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  1. Where does opium come from? What did Chinese doctors use it for?
  2. What was the slogan of the movement?
  3. What did Panama give the U.S. in 1903?
  4. Why did the U.S. declare war on Spain?
  5. Who won the Spanish-American war? Why did they win?
  1. a Chinese learning at the base, Western learning for use.
  2. b 10 mile wide zone to build the canal
  3. c It was used as a pain killer and it came from poppy seeds.
  4. d US because the Spanish could not fight on two fronts.
  5. e Because the Spanish were imprisoning the Cubans in concentration camps but really the US had businesses in Cuba.

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  1. 13,000 miles
  2. G.B's navy, Germany's army and US's power of universal education
  3. The Japanese were harsh rulers, they shut down Korean newspapers, took over schools, replaced the study of Korean language and history with Japanese subjects, took away land from Koreans and gave it to Japanese settlers and forbade Koreans from starting businesses.
  4. Tokugawa opponents won due to the use of militia units trained by foreign experts and armed with imported weapons.
  5. To understand industrialization which would improve Japan's military and Japan also wanted to be equal with foreign powers.

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  1. What was Colombia's response to this? How did the U.S. respond to Colombia's response?Tokugawa opponents won due to the use of militia units trained by foreign experts and armed with imported weapons.


  2. What did Fukuzawa Yukichi write about?Benefits of a constitutional gov't, justice system and a modern educational system


  3. What was China's population by 1900?475 million people


  4. Who did the Chinese gov't appoint to destroy the opium trade? How many chests did he destroy? What was Britain's response?Lin Zexu destroyed 20,000 chests which caused the Opium War. The British was winning with its advanced navy and military with attacks but the Chinese didn't sue for peace.


  5. What city did the Taipings capture in 1853?Nanjing


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