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  1. What did Japan do to Korea in 1905?
  2. Why were Chinese peasants angry?
  3. What was Colombia's response to this? How did the U.S. respond to Colombia's response?
  4. What was China's population by 1900?
  5. What did President Teddy Roosevelt do in 1903?
  1. a Japan sent advisors who took away power from the Korean gov't, disbanded Korea's army, and brought Korea under direct Japanese control by annexing it.
  2. b they dislikes the widespread of gov't officials and the concentration of land in the hands of wealth elites plagued china
  3. c 475 million people
  4. d 1. Colombia demanded more money. The US encouraged Panama to revolt against Colombia.
  5. e Offered Colombia, which opened panama, $ 10 million upfront and an annual payment for the right to build a canal in Panama.

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  1. Hong Xiuqum who was a school teacher
  2. Tokugawa opponents won due to the use of militia units trained by foreign experts and armed with imported weapons.
  3. G.B's navy, Germany's army and US's power of universal education
  4. Malaria, Yellow Fever, Bubonic Plague, and Extreme Heat
  5. The authority to raise troops, levy taxes, and run bureaucracies.

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  1. What did the Roosevelt Corollary do?It forced Russia to stay out of Korea and Manchuria.


  2. How did China modernize during this movement?She diverted funds intended for the navy to build a marble boat for private garden.


  3. What did Panama give the U.S. in 1903?10 mile wide zone to build the canal


  4. What led to a lot anti-American resentment in Cuba?The US installed a military base


  5. What led to the Sino-Japanese war? Who won? What effect did this have?Russia and Japan argued over Japan's presence in Manchuria. Japan offered to recognize Russia's rights in Manchuria if Russia promised to stay out of Korea and Russia refused. Japan won.


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