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  1. What did he call for?
  2. What was the slogan of the movement?
  3. What countries had spheres of influence in China?
  4. What is a corollary?
  5. Why did the U.S. declare war on Spain?
  1. a extension
  2. b Germany, France, G.B., Japan and Russia
  3. c He called for the destruction of the Qing Dynasty, the abolition of private property, the creation of communal wealth to be shared, the prohibition of foot binding, free public education, and literacy for everyone.
  4. d Chinese learning at the base, Western learning for use.
  5. e Because the Spanish were imprisoning the Cubans in concentration camps but really the US had businesses in Cuba.

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  1. The US installed a military base
  2. 500,000
  3. Russia and Japan argued over Japan's presence in Manchuria. Japan offered to recognize Russia's rights in Manchuria if Russia promised to stay out of Korea and Russia refused. Japan won.
  4. Mutsuhito
  5. Japan sent advisors who took away power from the Korean gov't, disbanded Korea's army, and brought Korea under direct Japanese control by annexing it.

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  1. What effect did the Tokugawa Shogun's decision have on Japan?Britain, Netherlands, and Russia


  2. What were the Hundred Days Reforms? (7 main things)Granted US trading rights, opened ports, granted foreigners extraterritoriality and Japan lost all rights to place tariffs on goods.


  3. Describe the Boxer Rebellion in detail.The American continents were closed for further European colonization.


  4. Where does opium come from? What did Chinese doctors use it for?It was used as a pain killer and it came from poppy seeds.


  5. How did Empress Cixi go against the movement?The built modern shipyards, railroads, weapons industries, steel foundries, and opened science academies.


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