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  1. Norman Conquest of 1066
  2. The Knights of the Round Table
  3. Sir Thomas Malory
  4. Mordred
  5. Quest
  1. a A mission for a individual.
  2. b Arthur's nephew, Arthur and Mordred engaged and a lot of battles. The last battle was at the River Camblann. Son of Igraine.
  3. c English writer who published a translation of romances about King Arthur taken from French and other sources (died in 1471)
  4. d The table that King Arthur and his knights hold court. Raised to not have as many fights between the knights.
  5. e Invasion of England, lead by William the Conquer (The Duke of Normandy)

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  1. Ruler of Camelot, fighter of the Saxons, a great king who brought peace and unity to England for years. He is always portrayed as a good and just man. Married to Queen Guinevere.
  2. the legendary sword of King Arthur. It was a gift from Avalon.
  3. The Mythology of Celtic Polytheism. It was the religion of the Iron Age Celtics. It did not really survive the Roman Empire.
  4. Was a popular sorceress. She was the daughter of king Gorlois.
  5. He was a British king, and was the youngest son of Constantine. He was the father of Arthur. He was the husband of Lady Igraine.

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  1. CamelotBlissful world of the dead (Celtic Mythology) Also means a type of island.


  2. MerlinBlissful world of the dead (Celtic Mythology) Also means a type of island.


  3. AvalonCity where Arthur's court is established. The greatest and most famous court and castle associated with King Arthur.


  4. The Lady of the LakeVivien was the lady of the lake disappeared with the infant Sir. Lancelot into her domain in the lake.


  5. Lady IgraineMother of King Arthur. Wife of Uther Pendragon.


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