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  1. Dunkirk
  2. Nazi-Soviet Pact
  3. Civil war in Spain
  4. War Ends
  5. genocide
  1. a British soldiers were cornered on coast and boats came and saved them
  2. b promised to not to attack each other & split Poland
  3. c wiping out an entire group of people
  4. d fascism spreading, Germans got to practice blitzkrieg
  5. e August 15, 1945 V-J Day "Victory over Japan"
    40 million+ people died

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  1. FDR vs. Wendell Wilkie
    FDR wins
  2. Alliance between Italy and Germany
  3. 6 million Jews died
    1. Nuremberg Laws
    2. forced into ghettos
    3. resettled into concentration camps
  4. marked the end of serious German resistance
  5. Italy, Germany, and later Japan

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  1. Lend-Lease Actseries of laws passed to keep America neutral


  2. U.S. Plan of Attack1. North Africa
    2. Invade Italy
    3. France D-Day


  3. Battle of MidwayU.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army


  4. Japanese Americansa single party and its leader control all aspects of people's lives


  5. Battle of BritainGermany fought in Britain for a long time but soon Germany backed out because they were making no advances


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