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  1. Battle of the Bulge
  2. Neutrality Acts
  3. totalitarian
  4. Lend-Lease Act
  5. Manhattan Project
  1. a marked the end of serious German resistance
  2. b allowed U.S. to sell, lend, or lease war supplies to Allies
  3. c series of laws passed to keep America neutral
  4. d a single party and its leader control all aspects of people's lives
  5. e secret project to create and test atomic bomb

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  1. U.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army
  2. Great Britain, France, and later America
  3. "Victory in Europe" May 7
  4. 1st japanese defeat
    part of island hopping
  5. extreme nationalism and racism
    Mussolini came up with it and Hitler adapted it

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  1. Olympics in Germany1st bomb- August 6, 1945 on city of Hiroshima
    2nd bomb- august 9 on city of Nagasaki


  2. Axis PowersGreat Britain, France, and later America


  3. Dictators of EuropeHitler sent armies into Poland on September 1, 1939
    Great Britain and France declared war on Germany


  4. Preparing for War in U.S.factories switch to making war supplies & rationed goods


  5. Nazi-Soviet Pactallowed U.S. to sell, lend, or lease war supplies to Allies


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