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  1. blitzkrieg
  2. Maginot Line
  3. Holocaust/Evolution of Holocaust
  4. Battle of the Bulge
  5. Manhattan Project
  1. a string of steel and concrete bunkers along German border from Belgium to Switzerland
  2. b 6 million Jews died
    1. Nuremberg Laws
    2. forced into ghettos
    3. resettled into concentration camps
  3. c marked the end of serious German resistance
  4. d German's offensive, "lightning war"
    1. bombardment (aerial or naval)
    2. shocktroopers (tanks)
    3. stormtroopers
    4. secure gains
  5. e secret project to create and test atomic bomb

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  1. U.S. strategy to get closer to the Philippines and then Japan
    the idea of capturing certain islands and using them to leapfrog closer and closer to Japan
  2. 1st bomb- August 6, 1945 on city of Hiroshima
    2nd bomb- august 9 on city of Nagasaki
  3. rejected from art school and was put in jail where he wrote Mein Kempf, My Struggle
  4. FDR vs. Wendell Wilkie
    FDR wins
  5. a single party and its leader control all aspects of people's lives

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  1. Battle of BritainGermany fought in Britain for a long time but soon Germany backed out because they were making no advances


  2. Nazi-Soviet Pactpromised to not to attack each other & split Poland


  3. Battle of OkinawaU.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army


  4. Pact of SteelAlliance between Italy and Germany


  5. Potsdam Declarationa single party and its leader control all aspects of people's lives


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