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  1. neurilemma
  2. sodium or sodium/potassium pump
  3. synapse
  4. dopamine
  5. marijuana
  1. a activates receptors on postsynaptic neuron dendrite (cannabinoid receptors) makes more receptive to dopamine.
  2. b allows axon to repair itself, secreted by schwann cells, pns cells only
  3. c repolarize, active transport
  4. d contributes to balanced skeletal muscle movement. deficient in schizophrenia and parkinsons. feel good
  5. e space between neurons

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  1. myelin sheath broken down. loss of control of motor movement
  2. branching off spinal cord, 31 pairs, send messages back and forth between body and brain
  3. old antidepressants. inhibited release of enzyme to break down monoamine neurotransmitters.
  4. Central nervous system, brain and spinal cord
  5. threshold level stimulus is raised, presynaptic neuron becomes more reluctant to release normal dopamine levels, brain permanently altered

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  1. stretch receptorsneurons fire when skeletal muscle contracts and bulges.


  2. synaptic knobsspace between neurons


  3. schwann cellssecrete myelin sheath if neuron is in pns, also secrete another layer on top of myelin called neurilemma


  4. afferentcarry towards cell body


  5. types of neuronsmotor, sensory, interneurons


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