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  1. divergence
  2. methamphetamine
  3. schwann cells
  4. serotonin
  5. synaptic knobs
  1. a one neuron sends its message onto 2 or more other neurons (frequently in cns)
  2. b secrete myelin sheath if neuron is in pns, also secrete another layer on top of myelin called neurilemma
  3. c feel good. linked to depression
  4. d stimulate excess dopamine release, blocks dopamine reuptake
  5. e swellings at ends of axons

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  1. Central nervous system, brain and spinal cord
  2. branching off brain,12 pairs, control many bodily functions
  3. neurotransmitter. stimulate skeletal muscles, salivary glands. cholinesterase
  4. axon indents, allow message to jump along axon and travel faster
  5. threshold level stimulus is raised, presynaptic neuron becomes more reluctant to release normal dopamine levels, brain permanently altered

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  1. convergence2 or more neurons come together to send their message to another neuron (frequently in pns)


  2. Pnsautonomic nervous system, some cranial and some spinal nerves belong, maintains homeostasis


  3. myelin sheathbrain's pleasure center


  4. caffeinelowers threshold stimulus level required to make many body neurons fire. blocks postsynaptic receptor sites on neurons that cause sedation


  5. polarizedblocks reuptake of dopamine


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