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  1. dopamine
  2. polarized
  3. ANS
  4. maoi drugs
  5. limbic center
  1. a brain's pleasure center
  2. b old antidepressants. inhibited release of enzyme to break down monoamine neurotransmitters.
  3. c contributes to balanced skeletal muscle movement. deficient in schizophrenia and parkinsons. feel good
  4. d unequal distribution of opposite charges inside and out of neuron. resting potential
  5. e autonomic nervous system, some cranial and some spinal nerves belong, maintains homeostasis

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  1. blocks reuptake of dopamine
  2. neurons fire when skeletal muscle contracts and bulges.
  3. lowers threshold stimulus level required to make many body neurons fire. blocks postsynaptic receptor sites on neurons that cause sedation
  4. carry towards cell body
  5. 2 or more neurons come together to send their message to another neuron (frequently in pns)

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  1. serotoninfeel good. linked to depression


  2. impulsePeripheral nervous system. Nerves branching off brain (12) and spinal cord (31)


  3. sensory neuronscns to body. efferent.


  4. synapseswap of charge. outside Na+, inside k+ cl- so4-2 po4-3. active potential, depolarization


  5. refractory periodbody into cns. afferent.


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