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  1. norepinephrine
  2. multiple sclerosis
  3. neurons repair?
  4. ANS
  5. types of neurons
  1. a feel good. low levels lead to depression
  2. b motor, sensory, interneurons
  3. c pns yes. cns no
  4. d autonomic nervous system, some cranial and some spinal nerves belong, maintains homeostasis
  5. e myelin sheath broken down. loss of control of motor movement

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  1. secrete myelin sheath if neuron is in cns
  2. Peripheral nervous system. Nerves branching off brain (12) and spinal cord (31)
  3. branching off brain,12 pairs, control many bodily functions
  4. threshold level stimulus is raised, presynaptic neuron becomes more reluctant to release normal dopamine levels, brain permanently altered
  5. neurotransmitter. released in love, chocolate, carbs.

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  1. spinal nervesbranching off brain,12 pairs, control many bodily functions


  2. synaptic knobsswellings at ends of axons


  3. schwann cellsbranching off spinal cord, 31 pairs, send messages back and forth between body and brain


  4. 3 main parts of brainaxon indents, allow message to jump along axon and travel faster


  5. serotoninbinds to presynaptic neuron to cause it to fire impulses. more dopamine release


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