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  1. Rio de la Plata
  2. Tierra del Fuego
  3. tree line
  4. Gran Chaco
  5. Atacama Desert
  1. a the driest region of South America, in northern Chile and southern Peru
  2. b the line of elevation above which trees do not grow
  3. c an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
  4. d an island divided between Argentina and Chile
  5. e a hunting land between the Andes and the Brazilian Highlands

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  1. a tropical plant with starchy roots
  2. when a country has no border on the ocean
  3. the world's largest river in volume
  4. Venezuelan, Chilean, and Brazilian names for slums that surround major cities
  5. a country between two larger, more powerful countries

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  1. terrorismthe use of fear and violence as a political force


  2. LlanosSouth America's greatest mountain range


  3. Pampaswide grasslands in Argentina


  4. tepuisthe use of fear and violence as a political force


  5. ChibchaSouth America's greatest early civilization


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