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  1. Why is Crispin labled a wolfs head?
  2. What happened to Crispins dad, according to Asta?
  3. benefit in result of some event
  4. a state of commotion
  5. nervous
  1. a he died in the great mortality
  2. b timult
  3. c avail
  4. d skittish
  5. e He is accused of stealing money frome the manor house

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  1. she could read and write
  2. cease
  3. shroud
  4. mercenry
  5. shun

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  1. mockingtaunt


  2. a crime that undermines the governmenttreason


  3. Do the people in Crispins village believe he did the crime?NO


  4. a lofty peakpauper


  5. make poor: take awaypauper


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