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  1. a group of blood related people
  2. someone who manages property
  3. the auditory expirence of sound
  4. burial garment
  5. mocking
  1. a kin
  2. b shroud
  3. c clamor
  4. d taunt
  5. e steward

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  1. apprehension
  2. People come and tear it down and burn it
  3. impenetrable
  4. forage
  5. folly

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  1. avoid and stay away fromimpoverish


  2. to lose right toforfeit


  3. What suprising things do the priest tell Crispin about his mother?she could read and write


  4. to movr or cause to move in a circular motionmeander


  5. a state of commotiontimult


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