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  1. a state of commotion
  2. the auditory expirence of sound
  3. What suprising things do the priest tell Crispin about his mother?
  4. What does the old lady give Crispin?
  5. request earnestly
  1. a implore
  2. b bread, porrige, and a leather pouch
  3. c timult
  4. d she could read and write
  5. e clamor

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  1. he died in the great mortality
  2. forfeit
  3. He is accused of stealing money frome the manor house
  4. foreboding
  5. steward

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  1. burial garmentshroud


  2. bad moodcease


  3. the act of searching for foodforage


  4. to endtaunt


  5. What does witness John Aycliffe doing in the forest one night?He recieves a parchment packet in waxed ceals from a stranger


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