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  1. Which zoonoses can you get from equids (including mosquito vectors)?
  2. What tapeworms can use the human as a definitive host?
  3. What is the procedure for currently vaccinated animals after a domestic animal is bitten?
  4. How long does it take Toxoplasma oocysts to sporulate?
  5. Which protozoal zoonoses are difficult to kill with chlorine?
  1. a 1-5 days
  2. b Salmonella
    WEE, EEE, and VEE
  3. c Taenia saginata
    Taenia solium
    Dipylidium caninum
  4. d Booster and 45 day observation
  5. e Cryptosporidium

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  1. Counts
  2. Mosquito-bird-mosquito
  3. Number of new disease cases during a time period
  4. Eating an infected flea
  5. Euthanize and test

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  1. Which bacterial zoonosis is waterborne?Leptospira


  2. What is the procedure for a healthy client after being bitten by their kitten?Wash out wound


  3. What species is responsible for the majority of Rabies cases in Puerto Rico?Skunks


  4. Which age group sheds more Giardia and/or Cryptosporidium cysts: young or adult?1-5 days


  5. What is the best method for preventing hookworms in humans?Ctenocephalides felis


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