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  1. What is the definition of secondary prevention?
  2. What diseases are caused by flaviviruses?
  3. What species is responsible for the majority of Rabies cases in Puerto Rico?
  4. What are some examples of viral zoonoses?
  5. Which zoonotic organism causes neurocysticercosis in people?
  1. a Mongoose
  2. b Taenia solium
  3. c Colorado tick fever
    Rift Valley Fever
  4. d Reduction in the expression and severity of clinical diseases
  5. e SLEV
    Yellow Fever
    West Nile Virus
    Dengue Fever

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  1. Reduce the reservoir
  2. Improve survival
  3. Number of disease cases over a period of time
  4. Mosquito-monkey-mosquito
  5. Probability of transmission

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  1. Taenia solium can cause what severe disease in humans?Neurocysticercosis


  2. What animal(s) is/are the reservoir for Bartonella?Poisoning/envenomation
    Bites, kicks, and scratches
    Anthroponoses from animal-derived food


  3. What is the most common route of transmission for Rabies?Pasteurella


  4. Echinococcus granulosis commonly develops cysts in which organ(s)?Liver


  5. What are the types of categorical variables?Nominal


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