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  1. What factors are increasing resistance rates in bacteria?
  2. Which ectoparasite is host specific and not a zoonosis?
  3. What is the best method for preventing hookworms in humans?
  4. How can people prevent infection by Toxoplasma bradyzoites?
  5. What is the definition of a primary determinant?
  1. a Inappropriate use
    Subtherapeutic levels
  2. b A major contributing factor, usually a necessary factor
  3. c Lice
  4. d Freeze pork >7 days
    Cook pork
  5. e Reduce the reservoir

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  1. parvum
  2. Common Source with Point Exposure
  3. Microsporum canis
  4. Salmonella
    WEE, EEE, and VEE
  5. Mongoose

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  1. What is the numerator for Point Prevalence?Number of new disease cases during a time period


  2. Where do Toxoplasma oocysts sporulate?Oocysts


  3. Which is more lethal in humans: EEE or WEE?Mosquito-bird-mosquito


  4. What type of condition is partially determined by genotype?Genetic susceptibility


  5. How can people prevent infection by Toxoplasma oocysts?Oocysts in the soil
    Tissue cysts in intermediate hosts


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