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Epi: Final Review Test

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  1. Which zoonoses are you more likely to get from a dog than a cat?
  2. What is the procedure for unvaccinated animals that bite people?
  3. Which age group of cats is less likely to be shedding Toxoplasma: young or adult?
  4. Which Brucella species is most pathogenic in people?
  5. Which alphavirus(es) is/are reportable in the USA?
  1. a EEE
  2. b Adult
  3. c melitensis
  4. d Cestodes
  5. e Euthanize and test
    Quarantine if allowed

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  1. Dermacentor
  2. Reduction in the expression and severity of clinical diseases
  3. Leishmania
  4. Eating infected meat
  5. Ctenocephalides felis

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  1. What is the procedure for vaccinated animals with symptoms that bite people?Booster and 45 day observation


  2. What is another term of Cumulative Incidence?Attack Rate


  3. What factors are increasing resistance rates in bacteria?Inappropriate use
    Subtherapeutic levels


  4. Which fly is NOT an obligate parasite?Toxocara


  5. What is the maintenance cycle for EEE?A fraction in which the numerator is part of the denominator


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