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  1. What is the definition of a continuous variable?
  2. What are some examples of viral zoonoses?
  3. What is the denominator for Cumulative Incidence?
  4. What species is the principle host for Rabies in Africa and Asia?
  5. Vaccines for alphavirus diseases are available for which species?
  1. a Dogs
  2. b Total population at risk at the beginning of the time period
  3. c Variable con take on any value within the limits of the variable ranges
  4. d Horses
  5. e Colorado tick fever
    Rift Valley Fever

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  1. Number of disease cases over a period of time
  2. Cutaneous
  3. Yellow Fever
  4. A fraction in which the numerator is not part of the denominator
  5. Reduce the reservoir

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  1. What are the Bot fly species?Face flies


  2. What things are NOT consider to be Zoonoses?Poisoning/envenomation
    Bites, kicks, and scratches
    Anthroponoses from animal-derived food


  3. What is the vector for Trypanosoma brucei?Tsetse flies


  4. Which zoonotic organism causes neurocysticercosis in people?Taenia solium


  5. Which zoonoses can you get from equids (including mosquito vectors)?Salmonella
    Fish-born parasites


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