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  1. A human vaccine is available for which alphavirus(es)?
  2. How can people prevent Toxoplasma oocyst sporulation?
  3. What is/are method(s) of control for Taeniasis?
  4. What is the procedure for vaccinated animals without symptoms that bite people?
  5. How are felids infected with Toxoplasma?
  1. a None
  2. b Quarantine for 10 days
  3. c Oocysts in the soil
    Tissue cysts in intermediate hosts
  4. d Clean the litter box daily
  5. e Human Sanitation
    Meat Inspection
    Cook meat
    Freeze meat

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  1. Bacillus anthracis
    Yersinia pestis
    Francisella tularensis
  2. Mosquito-bird-mosquito
  3. Microsporum canis
  4. Leishmania
  5. Cats

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  1. What is the definition of a proportion?Permanent reduction of a disease incidence to zero worldwide


  2. How can people reduce their exposure to Toxoplasma?Get someone else to clean the litter box
    Cook pork products thoroughly
    Wash hands after gardening
    Wash hands after cooking pork products


  3. How can people prevent infection by Toxoplasma oocysts?Clean the litter box daily


  4. What control program is shared by all milk-borne zoonoses?Pasteurization


  5. What is the basic triad of descriptive epidemiology?Person


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