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Medical Terminology and Body Systems Skeletal C Test

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  1. Kyphosis
  2. Patella
  3. Ampiarthrosis
  4. Scoliosis
  5. Lumbar Spine
  1. a Slightly moveable joint
  2. b Located below the thoracic spine. The next 5 vertebrea
  3. c Lateral Curve in the spine
  4. d Knee cap
  5. e Hunchback

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  1. Located belowthe lumbar spine. Made of flat bone
  2. Inward curve of the lower spine
  3. Joint that does not move
  4. Fingers, toes
  5. Made up of 126 bones. Aids in movement. Protects the Reproductive, Digestive and Urinary System

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  1. Pelvic girdleClavical, Scapula, Acromion


  2. Cervical Spinefirst 7 vertebrea of the spine


  3. UlnaLarger bone in the forearm


  4. FemurThigh bone


  5. CoccyxLocated belowthe lumbar spine. Made of flat bone


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