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  1. has the highest rate
  3. 9 -above
  4. freud wrote
  5. has the lowest rate
  1. a minority females
  2. b express an understating of death as a final and inevitable outcome of life
  3. c 1. intra psychic conflict of death is lessened
    2. the dying posture of the individual is consistent with their ego idea
    3. important relationships are preserved and restored
    4. basic instinct, hopes and wishes of fantasy, and goals for growth and reemerge and give the patient some degree of fulfillment
  4. d Mistake to insist that one should snap back to normal after loss
    Recovery process complicated by survivor's resistance to letting go
  5. e white males

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  1. anomic suicide
  3. Wrote 'Dying facing the facts
  4. death grief and mourning - the funeral and the child
  5. c. fatal suicide

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  1. 4. syndromatic cluesa. alcohol or drug abuse
    b. previous attempt
    c. giving away possessions
    d. making a will
    e. sudden change in behavior
    f. quiet person becomes expressive
    g. significant drop in performance
    h. risk taking
    i. behavior that results in accidents or injury


  2. d. anomic suicidea. Sadness
    b. Anger
    c. Guilt and self reproach
    d. Anxiety
    e. Loneliness
    f. Fatigue
    g. Helplessness
    h. Shock
    i. Yarning
    j. Emancipation
    k. Relief
    l. Numbness


  3. 3. Cognition - thought patternsa. Disbelief
    b. Confusion
    c. Preoccupation
    d. Sense of presence
    e. Hallucinations


  4. STAGE APPROACH TO DYING - DYING SCRIPTS- griever is usually conscious of the relationship to the reaction to the death but the reaction to the current situation is excessive and disabling


  5. - Somatic ProblemsDR EARL GROLLMAN (Rabbi


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