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  1. Chronic grief
  2. Weisman once wrote
  3. 3rd grief work
  4. has the lowest rate
  5. Sudden death 2. a need to blame
  1. a Attempting to explain the loss
  2. b - excessive in duration and never comes to a satisfactory conclusion
  3. c - extremely strong in these cases to want to blame someone for what happened
  4. d - I realize that not only some deaths were better than others, but that certain deaths were so fitting as to be called appropriate
  5. e minority females

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  1. - will this happen to me or my family
  2. a. alcohol or drug abuse
    b. previous attempt
    c. giving away possessions
    d. making a will
    e. sudden change in behavior
    f. quiet person becomes expressive
    g. significant drop in performance
    h. risk taking
    i. behavior that results in accidents or injury
  3. Wrote 'Dying facing the facts
  5. Mistake to insist that one should snap back to normal after loss
    Recovery process complicated by survivor's resistance to letting go

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  1. 5-9is the emotion in a loss - It is a process that aside form psychological reactions includes
    withdrawal of emotional investment, a period of compulsive searching, and restorations of
    emotional balance when the process has been successfully completed


  2. 5. 2nd leading cause of deatha. social isolation
    b. depression
    c. disorientation
    d. change in sleeping or eating pattern
    e. dissatisfaction - constant complaining, helpless, hopeless


  3. Grief is an adaptive response to loss, not just an expression of emotional painSIGMUND FREUD


  4. Mourningthe process of adjustment following a loss


  5. associated with over regulation - one dies in despair of being able to make it in a society that allow little opportunity for satisfaction of individual fulfillmentc. fatal suicide


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