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World History:Patterns of Interaction Chapter26 Test

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  1. Charles Darwin
  2. mass culture
  3. Dreyfus affair
  4. radioactivity
  5. Durham report
  1. a English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection
  2. b Incident in France where a Jewish captain was tried for treason because they military was anti-Semitic, and it divided the country
  3. c the release of energy and matter due to a change in the nucleus of an atom. Marie Curie originated the name
  4. d the production of works of art and entertainment designed to appeal to a large audience
  5. e In 1839, Lord Durham sent a report to Parliament that urged two major reforms. First, Upper and Lower Canada should be reunited as the Province of Canada, and British immigration should be encouraged. In this way, the French would slowly become part of the dominant English culture. Second, colonists in the provinces of Canada should be allowed to govern themselves in domestic matters.

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  1. A Zulu chief in Southern Africa who used soldiers and good military organization to create a large centralized state.
  2. prejudice against Jews
  3. gave representation in parliament to growing towns, eliminated "rotten boroughs", suffrage to men who owned property
  4. Italian electrical engineer known as the father of radio (1874-1937)
  5. 1867-1934. Polish physicist and chemist. Pioneer in the field of radioactivity, and is the first and only person awarded the Nobel Prize in two different sciences.

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  1. Aboriginesself-governing nation that accepts the British monarch as head of state


  2. MaoriA member of a Polynesian group that settled New Zealand about 800 C.E.


  3. assembly linea production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task again and again as the item passes before him or her.


  4. What are the main countries to which the Irish emigrated during the famine?United States, Britain, Canada and Austrailia.


  5. Why did the Boers and British fight over southern Africa?They clashed over land and resources.


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