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  1. Dmitri Mendeleev
  2. Boer War
  3. Chapter 27, Section1
  4. anti-Semitism
  5. Joseph Lister
  1. a ...
  2. b Russian chemist who developed a periodic table of the chemical elements and predicted the discovery of several new elements (1834-1907)
  3. c A conflict, lasting from 1899 to 1902, in which the Boers and the British fought for control of territory in South Africa.
  4. d prejudice against Jews
  5. e English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)

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  1. 1867-1934. Polish physicist and chemist. Pioneer in the field of radioactivity, and is the first and only person awarded the Nobel Prize in two different sciences.
  2. United States, Britain, Canada and Austrailia.
  3. The seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country
  4. ...
  5. allowed irish catholics to vote and to sit in parliament

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  1. radioactivityself-governing nation that accepts the British monarch as head of state


  2. The Great FamineThis event decimated the Irish population between 1845 and 1851. It was a result of blight due to fungus that struck the potato crop in Ireland during the summer of 1845.


  3. Alexander Graham Bellinvented the telephone


  4. Queen VictoriaEnglish surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)


  5. home ruleDutch settlers in South Africa. "Boers" is the Dutch word for Farmers.


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