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  1. filly
  2. forlock
  3. canter
  4. gallop
  5. saddle
  1. a a baby girl horse
  2. b an object made out of leather and wood that fits on the horses back for riding
  3. c the mane in front of the ears
  4. d the second fastest gait that has three beats
  5. e the fastest gait that has four beats

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  1. the second slowest gait that has two beats
  2. the tip of the face that has no hair
  3. a girl horse
  4. the triangle part under the hoof you can only find it if you lift up the hoof
  5. where the leg and hoof meet

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  1. stalliona male horse who can breed with mares


  2. hoofa baby boy horse


  3. flankthe slowest gait that had four beats


  4. jumping positon/half seat/ two pointwhen you lean a little forwards while standing up in the stirrups


  5. halterthe second fastest gait that has three beats


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