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  1. A ship that was sunk by a German U-Boat. It had 1200 people on it including 128 americans. 1915. Made america mad because of the unlimited submarine warfare.They stopped using ultimate sub. warfare but then went back to it later.
  2. A Russian man who lead the Revolution in Russia.
  3. The treaty that ended the war between Russia and Germany.
  4. a British nurse who was accused of helping British prisoners escape. Executed by the Germans which outraged the British.

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  1. total war1. A draft
    2. Raising taxes/Borrowing money
    3. Rashoning consumer products
    4. Controlling prices/otherwise regulating the economy
    5. Censoring propaganda


  2. ConscriptionThe draft


  3. The Zimmerman telegramA telegram sent to Mexico by the Germans to see if the Mexicans would go to war with America. Caused the Americans to join the war.


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