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  1. cholestatic obstructive syndrome locations
  2. pancreatitis: acute inflammation
  3. hepatitis pathology
  4. types of viral hepatitis
  5. hepatitis A
  1. a transmission: FECAL-ORAL
    hep A antigen
    anti-HAV antibody
    NO chronicity
    30 days incubation
  2. b in gallbladder, common bile duct, common bile duct and pancreatic duct
  3. c inflam of liver => varying severity of hepatic cell damage => kupffer cell hyperplasia => infiltration of phagocytes to necrosis and scarring => alters microvasculature => portal HTN => liver failure and death
  4. d fever
    inc WBC (inc bands)
  5. e HAV: infectious etiology
    HBV: serum etiology
    HCV: non-A non-B
    HDV: delta (have to have co-infection with HBV)
    type E: type of non-A non-B

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  1. => portal HTN => ascites, edema, splenomegaly, varices

    => liver failure, hepatorenal failure => encaphalopathy => coma => death
  2. 13 years = fibrosis
    20 years = cirrhosis
    30 years = cancer
  3. dec hair, gynecomastia, altered menses, angiomas, palmar erythema from INC HORMONES

    dec metab ADH, aldosterone => inc ADH/aldosterone
  4. rapid breakdown of RBCs => exceeds ability of liver to conjugate
    *inc unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin)
    *jaundice skin and sclera, pruritus
  5. hepatocyte/canal damage
    if severe: only inc unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin
    if not severe: inc conjugated (direct) bilirubin

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  1. #1 cause for liver transplantsHBV and HCV
    #2 cause is EtOH


  2. hepatitis s/stransmission: FECAL-ORAL
    hep A antigen
    anti-HAV antibody
    NO chronicity
    30 days incubation


  3. hepatitis etiologiesviral, bacterial, parasitic, EtOH, drugs, toxins, transfusion reaction, autoimmune


  4. cirrhosis pathologytoxins (EtOH abuse + malnutrition, drugs)
    biliary obstruction
    autoimmune, post-necrotic viral hepatitis syndrome (Hep B/C)
    metabolic defects


  5. cirrhosis: dec CHO, protein, fat metabolism=> jaundice, clay stools/dk UA bleeding


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