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  1. hepatitis etiologies
  2. hepatic encaphalopathy
  3. hepatitis pathology
  4. cirrhosis: dec CHO, protein, fat metabolism
  5. portal HTN: organ complications
  1. a portal HTN => dec liver metab => inc ammonia/toxin => blood and BBB => GIB byproducts => irritability, convulsions, coma
  2. b splenomegaly from inc splenic vein pressure
    ascites: from inc pressure mesenteric vessles => inc capillary permeability and dec COP => fluid shifting
    hepatic encaphalopathy
    hepatorenal syndrome
  3. c => dec BS, ascites
  4. d viral, bacterial, parasitic, EtOH, drugs, toxins, transfusion reaction, autoimmune
  5. e inflam of liver => varying severity of hepatic cell damage => kupffer cell hyperplasia => infiltration of phagocytes to necrosis and scarring => alters microvasculature => portal HTN => liver failure and death

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  1. splenic
    mesenteric arteries
  2. liver inflammation/necrosis =>
    dec bilirubin metabolism
    dec estrogen/androgen metabolism
    dec CHO, protein, fat metabolism
  3. gallstone formation (mostly cholesterol)
  4. HBV and HCV
    #2 cause is EtOH
  5. inc amylase and inc lipase

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  1. phases of hepatitis: ictericresolution of jaundice
    dec s/s but hepatomegaly and liver tenderness
    2-12 wks for normalization


  2. varices from portal HTNesophageal, hemorrhoids, umbilical


  3. cholecystitis pathologyinflammation of gallbladder
    dec blood flow => ischemia => necrosis and perforation
    stones often present in cystic duct


  4. pancreatitis: other organ damageslungs
    kidneys => dec GFR => vasoactive peptides => myocardial depression => shock
    biliary obstruction
    peritoneum => peritonitis => shock
    paralytic ileus => N/V


  5. cholecystitis s/sabdominal pain radiating to R scapula
    jaundice if CBD blocked
    fat intolerance


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