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  1. synthesis
  2. teleological
  3. swivel
  4. tendril
  5. symbiosis
  1. a 1. a coupling device which allows an attached object to turn freely. 2. such a device made of two parts which turn independently, such as a compound link of a chain. 3. a pivot on which is mounted a gun that may be swung from side to side in a horizontal plane.
  2. b 1. Biology . the living together of two dissimilar organisms, often to their mutual benefit.
    2. any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc.,
  3. c 1. the study of the evidences of design or purpose in nature. 2. the belief that purpose and design are a part of or are apparent in nature
  4. d 1. the process of combining objects or ideas into a complex whole. 2. the combination or whole produced by such a process.
  5. e a threadlike, leafless organ of climbing plants, often growing in spiral form, which attaches itself to or twines round some other body, so as to support the plant.

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  1. 1. capable of being touched; having real substance. 2. real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary. 3. having a physical existence.
  2. occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; contemporaneous; simultaneous.
  3. 1. characteristic of or behaving in the manner of a swashbuckler (a swaggering swordsman, soldier, or adventurer; daredevil.). 2. the activities, deeds, or adventures of a swashbuckler.
  4. 1. a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction.
    2. an assembly or congregation of Jews for the purpose of religious worship.
  5. 1. to form (a material or abstract entity) by combining parts or elements.
    2. Chemistry . to combine (constituent elements) into a single or unified entity.

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  1. synthetic1. (of a substance or material) made artificially by chemical reaction. 2. not genuine; insincere.


  2. sumptuous1. of or relating to a tempest (a violent windstorm, commotion, etc.,). 2. violent or stormy.


  3. tangential1. of, relating to, or employing tactics.
    2. (of weapons, attacks, etc) used in or supporting limited military operations.
    3. skilful or diplomatic.


  4. surrogate1. a strong rush or sweep; sudden increase.
    2. the rolling swell of the sea, esp after the passage of a large wave
    3. a heavy rolling motion or sound.
    4. a swelling cloud or volume.
    5. a sudden rush or burst of electricity or voltage.


  5. swarthydark-complexioned


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