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March 28 Test

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  1. symbiosis
  2. sundry
  3. swarthy
  4. tendril
  5. synagogue
  1. a 1. several or various; miscellaneous
    2. all and sundry - all the various people, individually and collectively
  2. b 1. Biology . the living together of two dissimilar organisms, often to their mutual benefit.
    2. any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc.,
  3. c dark-complexioned
  4. d 1. a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction.
    2. an assembly or congregation of Jews for the purpose of religious worship.
  5. e a threadlike, leafless organ of climbing plants, often growing in spiral form, which attaches itself to or twines round some other body, so as to support the plant.

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  1. 1. an official list or table showing the duties or customs imposed by a government on imports or exports. 2. the schedule or system of duties so imposed. 3. any duty or rate of duty in such a list or schedule. 4. any table of charges, as of a railroad, bus line, etc., 5. bill; cost; charge.
  2. to tease or make frustrated, as by tormenting with the sight of something greatly desired but inaccessible
  3. 1. (of a substance or material) made artificially by chemical reaction. 2. not genuine; insincere.
  4. 1. capable of being touched; having real substance. 2. real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary. 3. having a physical existence.
  5. 1. of, being, relating to, or in the direction of a tangent (touching at a single point).
    2. merely touching; slightly connected.
    3. divergent or digressive, as from a subject under consideration.
    syn. divergent, extraneous

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  1. tactical1. of, pertaining to, endowed with, or affecting the sense of touch.
    ex. tactile learning : leaRNING BY TOUCH OR EXPERIANCE


  2. tenebrous1. holding or grasping firmly; forceful
    2. retentive
    3. stubborn or persistent
    4. holding together firmly; tough or cohesive
    5. tending to stick or adhere


  3. tenderfoot1. a raw, inexperienced person; novice.
    2. a newcomer to the ranching and mining regions of the western U.S., unused to hardships.
    3. one in the lowest rank of the Boy Scouts of America or girl Scouts of America.


  4. surreal1. a strong rush or sweep; sudden increase.
    2. the rolling swell of the sea, esp after the passage of a large wave
    3. a heavy rolling motion or sound.
    4. a swelling cloud or volume.
    5. a sudden rush or burst of electricity or voltage.


  5. suppliantOne who makes a humble request to (someone); plead


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