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  1. mostly secreted by mucosa
  2. types of liver cells
  3. protease
  4. cardiac region of the stomach
  5. joins the large intestine & small intestine
  1. a an enzyme that digests protein
  2. b area surrounding the junction of the esophagus and the stomach
  3. c hepatocytes and Kupffer cells
  4. d mucus secreting epithelium
  5. e ileum

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  1. secretes gastric juice or secretions
  2. is reabsorbed by villi in small intestine
  3. products of digestion, electrolytes, water, vitamins
  4. produce hormones which regulate digestion
  5. sympathetic division and parasympathetic division

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  1. location of liver in the bodysympathetic division and parasympathetic division


  2. small intestine anatomyfrom pyloric sphincter (junction with stomach) to ileocecal valve (junction with large intestine)


  3. regenerative cells of gastric glands functionsecrete digestive enzymes into the alimentary


  4. mechanical digestioncontains the enzymes amylase and lingual lipase


  5. 2/3 of the stomachaverage pH of intestinal juice in small intestine


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