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  1. function of enteroendocrine cells
  2. Accessory organs functions
  3. sucrase
  4. gastric secretions
  5. gastric lipase function of gastric juice enzyme
  1. a secrete digestive enzymes into the alimentary
  2. b produce hormones which regulate digestion
  3. c sympathetic impulses inhibit
  4. d carbohydrate digestion, splits disaccharide sucrose
  5. e digests fats, mostly milk fats

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  1. common bile duct and the pancreatic duct empty into it
  2. contains glands (ex. mucus) blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves
  3. contains mucus which binds food together nad lubricates to aid in swallowing, leads to formation of a bolus of food
  4. accessory organs
  5. cardiac region, fundic region, body, pyloric region

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  1. gastric secretionshormone secreted by cells in the gastric glands


  2. 5 cells that are contained in gastric glandspepsin and gastric lipase


  3. small intestinecoiled tube about 2.7-4.5 meters long (21 feet)


  4. serosacontains glands (ex. mucus) blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves


  5. submucosa functionfunctions as an exocrine gland in digestion


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