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  1. function of enteroendocrine cells
  2. types of secretions from the salivary gland
  3. enzymes in pancreatic juice
  4. by dissolving in the plasma membrane
  5. amylase
  1. a produce hormones which regulate digestion
  2. b pancreatic amylase, pancreatic lipase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase, nucleases
  3. c enzymatic and mucous
  4. d micelles enter absorptive cells of small intestine
  5. e starch

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  1. carbohydrate digestion, splits disaccharide lactose
  2. filled with areolar tissue (lamina propria)
  3. products of digestion, electrolytes, water, vitamins
  4. stores excess glucose, breaks down protein form old cells, makes urea from amino acids, synthesizes and stores fats, synthesizes plasma proteins and clotting factors,
  5. carries B12 to the small intestine for it to be absorbed

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  1. Ph of 7.4 -7.8average life span of the epithelial cells in the intestinal crypts


  2. stores minerals & fat soluable vitaminssome of the functions that the liver performs


  3. function of mucus in gastric juicethrough hepatic ducts into common hepatic duct


  4. gastric lipaseis not a very active enzyme in an acidic environment


  5. how vitamins are absorbed in sm intestinedissolved in lipids, no lipid in food then they are not absorbed


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