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  1. stimulates secretion of gastric juice
  2. types of secretions from the salivary gland
  3. ends with the pyloric sphincter
  4. hepatocytes function
  5. mucosa secretion
  1. a digestive enzymes
  2. b pyloric region
  3. c enzymatic and mucous
  4. d hormonal regulation of gastric secretion
  5. e secrete albumin, clotting factors, hormones and also removes nutrients from blood for storage

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  1. contains mucus which binds food together nad lubricates to aid in swallowing, leads to formation of a bolus of food
  2. another word for trachea
  3. mucus secreting epithelium
  4. ileum
  5. has endocrine and exocrine functions

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  1. 2-3 liters Q24hrscoiled tube about 2.7-4.5 meters long (21 feet)


  2. intestinal lipasefat digestion, splits lipids into fatty acids and glycerol


  3. secreted by the goblet cells in sm. intestinemucus


  4. gastric lipase function of gastric juice enzymeenzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, salts, water, intrinsic factor


  5. type of tissue that forms serosabody


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