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  1. small intestine anatomy
  2. watery fluid secreted by intestinal glands
  3. serosa function
  4. bile is secreted into gallbladder
  5. nucleases
  1. a secretes serous fluid for lubrication
  2. b from pyloric sphincter (junction with stomach) to ileocecal valve (junction with large intestine)
  3. c when small intestine is empty
  4. d split nucleic acids into nucleotides
  5. e is reabsorbed by villi in small intestine

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  1. the vitamins that are water soluable and are absorbed by diffusion in sm intestine
  2. hepatic macrophages
  3. watery fluid
  4. has villi-finger like projections that increase surface area
  5. gallbladder secretes bile into the duodenum

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  1. hepatocytes functionsecrete albumin, clotting factors, hormones and also removes nutrients from blood for storage


  2. ileumlast segment of the small intestine with length of 1.6-2.7 meters


  3. secretions of the small intestineabout 1-2 L/day of intestinal juice


  4. gastric lipase function of gastric juice enzymedigests fats, mostly milk fats


  5. function of simple columnar cellsabsorptive cells


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