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  1. types of liver cells
  2. C and B complex EXCEPT for B12
  3. lower part of the intestinal crypts
  4. lingual lipase
  5. pH is low & gastrin not present
  1. a when stomach is empty
  2. b diving cells, need constant resupply of epithelial cells
  3. c the vitamins that are water soluable and are absorbed by diffusion in sm intestine
  4. d lipids
  5. e hepatocytes and Kupffer cells

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  1. products of digestion, electrolytes, water, vitamins
  2. chief cells secrete pepsinogen
  3. average pH of intestinal juice in small intestine
  4. stores and concentrates bile
  5. enzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, salts, water, intrinsic factor

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  1. hormonal regulation of gastric secretionproduced mainly in response to distension of stomach by food


  2. 5 cells that are contained in gastric glandsmucous cells, chief cells, parietal cells, regenerative cells, enteroendocrine cells


  3. how electrolytes are absorbed in sm intestineby active transport


  4. parts of the stomachcardiac region, fundic region, body, pyloric region


  5. B12vitamin that must bound to intrinsic factor for absorption in sm intestine


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