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  1. What does NOS mean?
  2. What other term does the Alphabetic Index, Volume 2, instruct you to check for under Petit's disease?
  3. True or False:
    Three-digit codes (such as 250) are category codes.
  4. What is the correct code for a not otherwise specified headache?
  1. a Not otherwise specified
  2. b 784.0
  3. c True
  4. d See also Hernia, Lumbar

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  1. To justify why they are being performed.
  2. To record patient morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) for statistical purposes
  3. Not elsewhere classifiable
  4. Terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the selection of the code listed for the main term
  5. 5

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  1. What are the current goals of ICD-9?Facilitate payment of health services,
    Evaluate patient's use of health care facilities,
    Study health care costs,
    Research the quality of health care,
    Predict health care trends,
    Plan for future health care needs


  2. The abbreviation ICD-9-CM means:International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition, Clinical Modification


  3. The three volumes of ICD-9-CM are:International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition, Clinical Modification


  4. True or False:
    The phrase "see also" is used as a cross-reference


  5. ICD-9-CM codes are updated at least:Annually


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