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  1. antecedent
  2. subterfuge
  3. defunct
  4. ingratiate
  5. anteroom
  1. a something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity.
  2. b a large reception room or area
  3. c bring oneself into favor by pleasing them
  4. d no longer existing or functioning
  5. e preceding in time or order

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  1. a state of peace agreed between opponents
  2. call forth
  3. to make sore by rubbing
  4. showing lack of thought or intelligence; vacant
  5. a costume characteristic of a calling, rank or function

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  1. turgida low chest of drawers for use in bedroom


  2. gaudinesssumptuously rich and elaborate


  3. bleareddimmed, blurred


  4. rentan argument


  5. dinlacking vitality as from weariness


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