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  1. contiguous
  2. lavish
  3. rout
  4. platonic
  5. impetuous
  1. a sumptuously rich and elaborate
  2. b hotheaded: characterized by haste and lack of thought
  3. c a crowd of people
  4. d touching; in contact
  5. e relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex

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  1. dimmed, blurred
  2. unruly
  3. to make sore by rubbing
  4. a low chest of drawers for use in bedroom
  5. the act of dividing out into branches

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  1. rentlacking vitality as from weariness


  2. salonsoon , presently


  3. incarnationdetermine


  4. saveserious, professional; sober


  5. floridserious, professional; sober


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