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  1. homogeneity
  2. defunct
  3. foliage
  4. fractious(ness)
  5. convivial
  1. a no longer existing or functioning
  2. b occupied with the pleasures of good company
  3. c the leaves of a plant, collectively
  4. d the quality of being uniform throughout
  5. e unruly

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  1. to scold
  2. joyous humor
  3. to support with evidence
  4. a miniature whirlpool
  5. an indirect implication

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  1. antecedentoccurring or appearing again


  2. parvenuone that has recently risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth but has not yet gained the prestige associated with it.


  3. denizena person who inhabits a particular place


  4. septicserious, professional; sober


  5. caterwaula noisy quarrel


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