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  1. bazaar
  2. it was really something
  3. travel around
  4. clean-cut
  5. I figured
  1. a go from one place to another place
  2. b I thought
  3. c it was really amazing
  4. d a traveling marketplace
  5. e short hair and dressed nicely

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  1. small part of a large group
  2. someone who says they will do something but then decides not to do
  3. I am listening
  4. bother
  5. a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas

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  1. standpointviewpoint


  2. bohemian gypsiestraveling artists


  3. bonding experiencesomething that makes people become closer


  4. coppolice


  5. your guess is as good as mineI do not know


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