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  1. your guess is as good as mine
  2. bohemian gypsies
  3. campground
  4. drew (me) to the scene
  5. wanted to run by me
  1. a made me interested in something
  2. b wanted to tell me about
  3. c a place to sleep in a tent in woods
  4. d I do not know
  5. e traveling artists

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  1. to do (something)
  2. I thought
  3. said when you are surprised to see another person you know at a place you did not expect to see them
  4. police
  5. traveling

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  1. first offa flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas


  2. while I was outwhen I was not there


  3. Grateful Deadan American rock and roll band


  4. bonding experiencesomething that makes people become closer


  5. look back ona traveling marketplace


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