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  1. hippie(s)
  2. bonding experience
  3. I'm all ears
  4. wanted to run by me
  5. run into
  1. a wanted to tell me about
  2. b person (people) with long hair
  3. c I am listening
  4. d something that makes people become closer
  5. e to unexpectedly see someone

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  1. people who do not like change
  2. to decide something without knowing about it
  3. small part of a large group
  4. go from one place to another place
  5. traveling

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  1. bohemian gypsiestraveling artists


  2. jeez, oh man, oh my gosh, oh my god, wowto show emotion "I do not believe it"


  3. your guess is as good as mineI do not know


  4. it's (such) a small worldsaid when you are surprised to see another person you know at a place you did not expect to see them


  5. deadheadto pay for


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