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  1. Samurai
  2. monsoon
  3. Taoism
  4. Dynasty
  5. Buddhism
  1. a a religion that orginated in India about 500 BC and spread to China, where it grew into a major religion by 400 AD.
  2. b a seasonal wind
  3. c beliefs in preserving and restoring harmony in the individual, with natura, and in the universe, with little interference from the gov.
  4. d a professional soldier in Japan who served the interests of land owners and clan chiefs
  5. e a series of rulers from the same family

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  1. a workplace where people work long hours for low pay under poor conditions to enrich manufacturers
  2. a set of closely grouped islands
  3. the general of the emperor's army with the powers of a military dicatator
  4. an extended period of decline in general business activity
  5. a french colony comprised of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

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  1. Global Economythe leader of the communists in China who defeated the Nationalists in 1948


  2. Tsunamia giant ocean wave, caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption, with great destructive power


  3. Three Gorges Dama dam being built on the Chang Jiang in China to control flooding generate power, and allows ships to sail father


  4. Siddhartha Gautamathe founder of buddhism, known as Buddha, born 6th century BC


  5. Great Kanto Earthquakean earthquake in 1923 in Japan that killed an estimated 140,000 people and left the city of Tokyo in ruins


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