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  1. Siddhartha Gautama
  2. monsoon
  3. Samurai
  4. Great Kanto Earthquake
  5. Vietnam War
  1. a the founder of buddhism, known as Buddha, born 6th century BC
  2. b an earthquake in 1923 in Japan that killed an estimated 140,000 people and left the city of Tokyo in ruins
  3. c a seasonal wind
  4. d the military conflict resulting from American invovlement in S. Vietnam to prevent its takeover by communist N. Vietnam
  5. e a professional soldier in Japan who served the interests of land owners and clan chiefs

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  1. the merging of regional economies in which nations become dependant on each other for goods and services
  2. a french colony comprised of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
  3. a zone of prosperity during the 1980d and early 1990s in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan
  4. beliefs in preserving and restoring harmony in the individual, with natura, and in the universe, with little interference from the gov.
  5. a violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain; the most extreme weather pattern in South Asia

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  1. Boxer Rebellionan extended period of decline in general business activity


  2. Three Gorges Dama dam being built on the Chang Jiang in China to control flooding generate power, and allows ships to sail father


  3. Recessiona seasonal wind


  4. ConfucianismConfucius' thinking about the importance of order, education, and hierarchy in a well-ordered society


  5. Ring of Firethe chain of volcanoes that lines the Pacific Rim


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