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  1. other prejudice people
  2. 3 races
  3. timid bigot
  4. Administrative Definition
  5. reluctant liberal
  1. a A great deal of prejudice is learned through contact with ________.
  2. b What captures the social reality of race,and is used by the census bureau?
  3. c A ________ is someone who is prejudice but does NOT discriminate.
  4. d In the 1920's and 30's there were how many races were there considered to be?
  5. e A _______ is one who is NOT prejudice but does discriminate.

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  1. In 2008 America was __% African American, in 2010 __%.
  2. Differences have been the source of _______.
  3. In 2008 America was __% white. In 2010 __% was white.
  4. Things like religion, language, names, food, dress, customs, music, and family are all __________.
  5. Is not usually altered by presence of contradictory evidence.

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  1. 4.4, 4.8__% of Americans were Hispanic in 2008, and __% in 2010.


  2. Ethnic GroupsA ________ is someone who is prejudice but does NOT discriminate.


  3. birthA ________ is a category of people who receive treatment less than equal that given to other categories.


  4. Physical, culturallyMinorities have special _________ or ________ cultural traits viewed as undesirable by dominant segments of society.


  5. Prejudice and DiscriminationA prejudice person holds a rigid mental image of a group (stereotype) & applies it _______ to the whole group.


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