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  1. Minorities
  2. cultural differences
  3. Prejudice and Discrimination
  4. Prejudice
  5. intergroup conflict
  1. a _____ have a special group self identification brought out by these traits and the disabilities these traits have caused them.
  2. b Things like religion, language, names, food, dress, customs, music, and family are all __________.
  3. c prejudged attitudes
  4. d ____________ are usually so firmly entrenched that people are unaware of the presence or rationalize it away.
  5. e Differences have been the source of _______.

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  1. A ________ is someone who is prejudice but does NOT discriminate.
  2. A great deal of prejudice is learned through contact with ________.
  3. In 2008 America was __% white. In 2010 __% was white.
  4. ________ are people who identify with one another on the basis of common ancestry & cultural heritage.
  5. The thinking of prejudice people has been found to be ________.

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  1. Race_____ has to do with biological differences.


  2. All weather liberalSomeone who is prejudice AND discriminates is called an ___________.


  3. birthMembership in a minority is transmitted by _____?


  4. Physical, culturallyMinorities have special _________ or ________ cultural traits viewed as undesirable by dominant segments of society.


  5. realityA ________ is a category of people who receive treatment less than equal that given to other categories.


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