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  1. 4 Methods of delivering a speech
  2. 4 Causes of poor listening
  3. 3 Guidelines for ethical listening
  4. The importance of using language accurately in public speeches
  5. Ad hominem
  1. a Each right word and almost right word means something a little different from the other, and each says something special to listeners.
  2. b -Not concentrating
    -Listening too hard
    -Jumping to conclusions
    -Focusing on delivery and personal appearance
  3. c A fallacy that attacks the person rather that dealing with the real issue in dispute.
  4. d -Reading from a manuscript
    -Reciting from memory
    -Speaking impromptu
    -Speaking extemporaneously
  5. e -Be courteous and attentive
    -Avoid prejudging the speaker
    -Maintain the free and open expression of ideas

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  1. Repetition of the initial consonant sound of close or adjoining words.
  2. The credibility of a speaker before she or he starts to speak.
  3. A question about the worth, rightness, morality, and so forth of an idea or action.
  4. Reiteration of the same word or set of words at the beginning or end of successive clauses or sentences.
  5. A fallacy that assumes that because something is popular, it is therefore good, correct, or desirable.

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  1. Question of policyA question about the worth, rightness, morality, and so forth of an idea or action.


  2. SimileThe use of vivid language to create mental images of objects, actions, or ideas.


  3. Various types of plagiarismPresenting another person's language or ideas as one's own


  4. How can you enhance your credibility?You should say and do everything in a way that will make you appear capable and trustworthy.


  5. Why is good delivery important for successful speaking?It conveys the speaker's ideas clearly, interestingly, and without distracting the audience.


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