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  1. clandestine
  2. appropriate
  3. straightforward
  4. foreshadow
  5. tangential
  1. a v. to be a warning or indication of (a future event).
    The dark clouds and heavy rain foreshadow the turmoil that occurs in the following chapter.
  2. b adj. uncomplicated and easy to do or understand; honest; unambiguous.
    His straightforward answer to the question could not be interpreted in any other way.
  3. c adj. kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit; covert; furtive; surreptitious.
    We acted in clandestine fashion because our actions could lead to legal trouble if we were caught.
  4. d (1) adj. suitable or proper

    (2) v. to take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission; to seize; to commandeer.
    The pushy new researcher appropriated all the good lab equipment for himself.
  5. e adj. only barely touching or related to (something); peripheral.
    I had a hard time understanding how Penelope's tangential response related to the conversation we were having.

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  1. (1) v. to make (a disease or its symptoms) less severe or unpleasant without removing the cause

    (2) v. to allay or moderate (fears or suspicions); to alleviate; to relieve; to assuage.
    The mayor's reassuring speech palliated the worries of the townspeople.
    (1) adj. soothing, alleviating

    (2) n. a remedy or medicine that palliates
  2. n. exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally; overstatement.
    It's hard to believe the hyperbole of the advertisement; there is simply no way an energy drink can give you wings.
  3. (1) v. to light (something) up

    (2) v. to help to clarify or explain (a subject or matter); to shed light on; to elucidate.
    The documentary was very illuminating; now I have a much better understanding of how fast food can destroy your health.
  4. (1) adj. concerning a province or region outside the capital city of a country; regional.
    In researching her book on provincial cooking, she traveled all over the countryside.

    (2) adj. unsophisticated or narrow-minded; parochial.
    People from New York sometimes look down on people from West Virginia as provincial and backward.
    n. the way of life typical of regions outside the capital city

    (2) n. narrow-mindedness, insularity, or lack of sophistication

    (3) n. concern for one's own region at the expense of national unity
  5. v. to alternate or waver between different opinions or actions; to be indecisive; to fluctuate; to waffle.
    Swing voters aren't people who vote in playgrounds; they're people who vacillate between supporting Democrats and supporting Republicans.
    vacillation (n.)

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  1. circumventv. to find a way around (an obstacle); to overcome (a problem or difficulty), typically in a clever or sneaky way; to get around; to bypass.
    The thieves circumvented the museum's alarm system by climbing in through a skylight.


  2. benevolentadj. able to recover or spring back quickly after being bent or compressed, or after difficult conditions.
    Even after a third knee surgery, the resilient ball player returned for another season.
    resilience (n.)


  3. grounded(1) v. to cause to be or become; to make.
    The rains rendered his escape impossible.

    (2) v. to represent or depict artistically.
    The building has not been constructed yet, so this picture is just an artist's rendering of what it will look like.


  4. concur(1) v. to be of the same opinion; to agree.
    The judge concurred with the plaintiff and awarded her a $2 million settlement.

    (2) v. to happen or occur at the same time; to coincide


  5. proceedv. to come before (something).
    The beginning of the game was preceded by the singing of the national anthem.
    n. an earlier event that is regarded as an example or model to be followed in the future
    adj. never done or known before; unheard of.
    After the huge snowstorm, the school took the unprecedented step of closing for an entire week.
    n. the condition of being considered more important than something else; priority.
    I'd like you to clean the basement at some point, but getting the car fixed promptly takes precedence over that project.


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