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  1. lay
  2. circumvent
  3. hyperbole
  4. tangential
  5. receptive
  1. a adj. able or willing to receive something; willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.
    The doctor was receptive to the idea of replacing his old equipment with the latest technology.
    receptivity (n.)
    n. an object or space used to contain or receive something
  2. b n. exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally; overstatement.
    It's hard to believe the hyperbole of the advertisement; there is simply no way an energy drink can give you wings.
  3. c (1) v. to put (something) down

    (2) adj. not having professional qualifications or expert knowledge, especially in law or medicine; nonspecialist.
    Dr. Overbeck, would you please explain the experiment in language that a layperson could understand?
  4. d v. to find a way around (an obstacle); to overcome (a problem or difficulty), typically in a clever or sneaky way; to get around; to bypass.
    The thieves circumvented the museum's alarm system by climbing in through a skylight.
  5. e adj. only barely touching or related to (something); peripheral.
    I had a hard time understanding how Penelope's tangential response related to the conversation we were having.

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  1. adj. uncomplicated and easy to do or understand; honest; unambiguous.
    His straightforward answer to the question could not be interpreted in any other way.
  2. adj. looking or sounding sad and dismal; mournful; gloomy; glum; melancholy.
    Eeyore is the most lugubrious cartoon character that I remember from my childhood—he's always down about something.
  3. adj. kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit; covert; furtive; surreptitious.
    We acted in clandestine fashion because our actions could lead to legal trouble if we were caught.
  4. n. an opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine or what is generally accepted; blasphemy.
    The fundamentalist religious leader denounced the doctrine of the atheists as heresy.
  5. adj. treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant; frivolous.
    Don't worry—I was just being facetious when I said I'd sold your pet rabbit to the dog food factory.

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  1. resilientadj. important; famous; attention-catching; noticeable.
    The prominent author's appearance at the local bookstore drew a huge crowd.
    prominence (n.)


  2. discredit(1) v. to harm the good reputation of (someone or something)

    (2) v. to show (an idea or piece of evidence) to be false or unreliable; to disprove.
    The case was discredited when new evidence showed that the key witness had lied.
    adj. able to be believed; convincing; plausible; feasible
    n. believability; plausibility
    n. credibility.
    The recent win gives some credence to your theory that our team will win the championship this year.
    n. a qualification or aspect of a person's background, used to indicate that they are suitable for something


  3. precedev. to come before (something).
    The beginning of the game was preceded by the singing of the national anthem.
    n. an earlier event that is regarded as an example or model to be followed in the future
    adj. never done or known before; unheard of.
    After the huge snowstorm, the school took the unprecedented step of closing for an entire week.
    n. the condition of being considered more important than something else; priority.
    I'd like you to clean the basement at some point, but getting the car fixed promptly takes precedence over that project.


  4. render(1) v. to be of the same opinion; to agree.
    The judge concurred with the plaintiff and awarded her a $2 million settlement.

    (2) v. to happen or occur at the same time; to coincide


  5. deriven. an opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine or what is generally accepted; blasphemy.
    The fundamentalist religious leader denounced the doctrine of the atheists as heresy.


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