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  1. straightforward
  2. disillusioned
  3. disdain
  4. machinate
  5. buoy
  1. a v. to engage in plots and intrigues; to scheme.
    Hoping to devise a plan to steal identities over the web, Harry and Kim sat in the back room and machinated.
    n. a scheme
  2. b adj. uncomplicated and easy to do or understand; honest; unambiguous.
    His straightforward answer to the question could not be interpreted in any other way.
  3. c adj. disappointed in something after discovering it to be less good than once believed.
    She became disillusioned with the new governor after realizing that his policies were the same as his predecessor's.
    disillusionment (n.)
  4. d (1) v. to keep (someone or something) afloat

    (2) v. to cause (someone) to become cheerful or confident; to encourage.
    He was buoyed by news that his lost dog might have been found.
    (1) n. the ability to float

    (2) n. an optimistic and cheerful nature
  5. e n. the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one's consideration or respect; contempt; scorn; derision.
    People who pride themselves on reading only the finest literature view comic books with disdain.
    disdainful (adj.)

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  1. n. a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.
    After the discovery of bacteria, doctors developed a whole new methodology for the prevention of infection.
  2. adj. able or willing to receive something; willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.
    The doctor was receptive to the idea of replacing his old equipment with the latest technology.
    receptivity (n.)
    n. an object or space used to contain or receive something
  3. adj. well meaning and kindly; compassionate; altruistic; magnanimous.
    My benevolent boss always gives his workers a generous bonus around the holidays.
  4. adj. kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit; covert; furtive; surreptitious.
    We acted in clandestine fashion because our actions could lead to legal trouble if we were caught.
  5. v. to be a warning or indication of (a future event).
    The dark clouds and heavy rain foreshadow the turmoil that occurs in the following chapter.

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  1. ineptadj. having or showing no skill; clumsy; incompetent.
    My cousin Brad is an inept athlete who can barely dribble a basketball.
    ineptitude (n.)


  2. lugubriousadj. looking or sounding sad and dismal; mournful; gloomy; glum; melancholy.
    Eeyore is the most lugubrious cartoon character that I remember from my childhood—he's always down about something.


  3. opportuneadj. having an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage; shrewd; discerning.
    The astute poker player could tell that his opponent was bluffing, and so continued to bet aggressively.


  4. circumventadj. important; famous; attention-catching; noticeable.
    The prominent author's appearance at the local bookstore drew a huge crowd.
    prominence (n.)


  5. demeanor(1) v. to cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion)

    (2) to participate or become involved in.
    The students engaged in a heated discussion on reality television.
    adj. charming and attractive.
    Sophie had a sunny personality that was very engaging.
    engagement (n.)


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