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  1. warmer; cooler; they reach the same temperature; Yes because there is no thermal energy transfer
  2. The soup is warmer than the air arround it so the heat move from the hot souup to the air. The particles in the air move faster and the particles in the soup move slower. The kenitic energy of the air particles increases and so does the temp. Vice versa with the soup. As thermal energy continues to move from the soup to the air, the air becomes warmer and the soup becomes cooler
  3. increases
  4. as the temperature of the liquid increases, it expands, and its volume increases. Then the height of the liqud in the tube increases and decreases when the temperature decreases
  5. an increas in the volume of a substance when the temperature increases

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  1. All matter contain particles such as __________ that are always ________________, even if the object isn't.atoms and molocules; moving


  2. Temperature values on the Kelvin scale are ________ degrees more than temperatures on the __________ scale273; Celsius


  3. HeatThe movement of thermal energy from an object at a hight temperature to an object at lower temperature


  4. Heat always transfers energy from something at a __________________ ______________ to something at a ____________ _____________high temperature; low temperature


  5. Do all particles move at the same speed in objects; Why or why notNo because they all don't have the same ammount of kenitic energy


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