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  1. progressives
  2. chester arthur
  3. Transcontinental Railroad
  4. sc dispensary
  5. henry ford
  1. a built to connect East and West Coast
  2. b created to control the consumption of alcohaul
  3. c wanted to use gov to bring about change
  4. d (r) became president among garfields death who supported civil service reform
  5. e used moving assembly line to make first affordable car (model-T)

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  1. shortest war us fought spain to free cuba
  2. government gave 160 acres of free land if you lived/aproved for 5 years
  3. invented wireless-radio
  4. pres in spanish american war, 3rd pres to be killed
  5. major industry in sc in late 19 and early 20 century

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  1. capitalismprivate indivisuals own the buisness and run them to make a profit


  2. The great migrationblacks from the south went North for better jobs and to escape jim crow


  3. benjamin ryan tillmanby a treaty with panama the us built the canal to connect the atlantic and pacific ocean


  4. Statue of Libertyfrom sc headed the womens rights movement


  5. andrew carnegiemade fortune in steel/gave most money to charity


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