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  1. wiliam mckinley
  2. muckrakers
  3. anna pollitzer
  4. marconi
  5. Statue of Liberty
  1. a writers who wrote about what was wrong in america
  2. b pres in spanish american war, 3rd pres to be killed
  3. c invented wireless-radio
  4. d from sc headed the womens rights movement
  5. e given as a gift from France

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  1. wanted to use gov to bring about change
  2. shortest war us fought spain to free cuba
  3. (d) served 2 non consecutive terms
  4. built to connect East and West Coast
  5. created standard oil/first monopoly; worlds first billionaire

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  1. name 4 men killed in office in ordermajor industry in sc in late 19 and early 20 century


  2. guam, wake, puerto rico, and the phillipineswere taken by us for bases at end of spanish american war


  3. populistsorganization of workers


  4. prohibitionlarge company tht has a charter and can issue stock


  5. uss maineorganization of workers


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