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  1. pendelton act
  2. anna pollitzer
  3. AFL-CIO
  4. theodore roosevelt and the rough riders
  5. andrew carnegie
  1. a from sc headed the womens rights movement
  2. b made fortune in steel/gave most money to charity
  3. c largest group of unions today
  4. d became heros in short spanish american war
  5. e created by federal civilservice and ended the spoils system

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  1. built to connect East and West Coast
  2. organization of workers
  3. given as a gift from France
  4. write lies to sell papers
  5. came form Northern/western Europe

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  1. alexander graham bell(r) 2nd pres to be killed by a man who didnt get a job


  2. thomas edisonimproved the lightbulb and invented 1000 things


  3. richard i manningprivate indivisuals own the buisness and run them to make a profit


  4. henry fordorganization of workers


  5. Joseph Gliddeninvented barbwire


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