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  1. theodore roosevelt
  2. Reservations
  3. corporation
  4. SC Textile Industry
  5. spanish american war
  1. a (r) pres after mckinley waskilled; a progressive, trust buster (supp fda)
  2. b places where Indians were forced to live by government
  3. c major industry in sc in late 19 and early 20 century
  4. d shortest war us fought spain to free cuba
  5. e large company tht has a charter and can issue stock

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  1. used moving assembly line to make first affordable car (model-T)
  2. came form Northern/western Europe
  3. 1. workers consenpation 2. child labor laws 3. better hospitals 4. DOT
  4. gave women right to vote
  5. (r) 2nd pres to be killed by a man who didnt get a job

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  1. What forced the Indians on the reservation?the destruction of buffalo


  2. progressiveswanted to use gov to bring about change


  3. guam, wake, puerto rico, and the phillipineswere taken by us for bases at end of spanish american war


  4. wright brothers1st successful airplain


  5. thomas edisongovernment gave 160 acres of free land if you lived/aproved for 5 years


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