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  1. yellow journalism
  2. name 4 men killed in office in order
  3. union
  4. alaska
  5. william howard taft
  1. a write lies to sell papers
  2. b lincoln, garfield, mckinley, and kennedy(jfk)
  3. c organization of workers
  4. d bought from russia for 7.2 million.
  5. e (r) progressive, largest pres ever elected

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  1. used moving assembly line to make first affordable car (model-T)
  2. improved the lightbulb and invented 1000 things
  3. invented wireless-radio
  4. created standard oil/first monopoly; worlds first billionaire
  5. came from Eastern/Southern Europe 25 million

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  1. spanish american warshortest war us fought spain to free cuba


  2. The great migrationcame form Northern/western Europe


  3. pendelton actcreated by federal civilservice and ended the spoils system


  4. populistsfarmers political party formed from farmers alliances


  5. andrew carnegieinvented the telegraph and morris code


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